Honda Marine Introduced its New V8 Engine in Genoa

Honda Marine Introduced New V Engine in Genoa
Honda Marine Introduced New V Engine in Genoa

📩 03/10/2023 13:19

Honda Marine introduced its new generation 'V8 outboard engine BF350' with its world premiere held at the Genoa International Boat Show on September 21.

BF8 (350 HP), powered by a V350 engine with VTEC™ (Variable Timing Valve Control System) technology; It aims to offer boat users a comfortable and exciting experience with its high performance and low sound and vibration levels.

Honda Motor Europe Chief Engineer and President Katsuhisa Okuda, 350 horsepower BF350 engine; He considers it as a result of Honda Marine's determination to improve customer experience, precision engineering understanding and innovation ability.

BF60, which has a 5-liter cylinder volume V8 engine with a 350-degree angle, operates in BLAST™ (Low Speed ​​Boosted Torque) mode, providing instant and powerful acceleration. At constant speeds, ECOmo comes into play and reduces fuel consumption. When extra power is needed, VTEC™ technology optimizes performance in every RPM range, providing a unique; It provides power, torque and efficiency.

Honda Marine's BF350(350 HP) model; It aims to improve customer experience and increase ease of use with smart systems such as Cruise Control, Tilt Limit and Trim Support. It is possible to select Cruise Control from the screen and adjust the cruise speed. Tilt limit raises the engine up to the previously set trim angle in order to prevent possible damage to the boat and engine during docking. To activate the trim limit, it is enough to press the button twice. Trim Support plays an important role in saving fuel. The O2 sensor integrated into the system optimizes combustion efficiency by adjusting fuel consumption according to the oxygen levels in the water.

The V8 outboard engine is accompanied by the new BF350 (350 HP) control unit. The BF350 engine control unit has the IST (Intelligent Shift and Throttle) feature and offers the advantage of controlling multiple engines with a single lever.

Honda Marine introduces a new and distinctive design with the slim, water-friendly silhouette of its V8 outboard BF350 (350 HP). Honda's V8 outboard engine BF350 (350 HP) will be available for sale in Turkey as of February 2024, with the assurance of Anadolu Motor.