Erkunt Traktör will exhibit its new models at Bursa Agriculture Fair

Erkunt Tractor Will Exhibit Its New Models at Bursa Agriculture Fair
Erkunt Tractor Will Exhibit Its New Models at Bursa Agriculture Fair

📩 03/10/2023 09:46

Erkunt Traktör, one of Turkey's leading manufacturers, will present its renewed models, taking into account the needs of farmers engaged in fruit growing and horticulture, at the 03th Bursa Agricultural Fair organized by TÜYAP between 07 - 20 October.

While Erkunt Traktör exhibited the market's small, agile and most maneuverable tractors with its domestic engine that complies with Stage 5 emission standards, at the fair; It will also introduce the largest member of the family, its high horsepower models with Deutz engines and Stage 5 emissions, to the farmers of Bursa.


Pointing out that Bursa Agricultural Fair, which offers the opportunity to see all the developments in the agricultural sector more closely and observe the latest technology agricultural products, will host thousands of visitors from both our country and many international countries, Erkunt Traktör CEO Tolga Saylan said, "With the tractors designed together with Turkish farmers, Erkunt Traktör, the manufacturer of the first domestically designed tractor, which has set its mind on being the "Power of the Farmer", continues to produce fruit tractors with functional and modern designs. Knowing that today's farmers demand more than a tractor, and considering that he wants to buy quality products that comply with the requirements of the age at the most economical price and to see a manufacturer company that will support him as long as he uses the tractor, Erkunt has started to design tractors years ago upon the demands of fruit producers, and today, He turned it into a huge family under the name of the series. Erkunt designed his own small but ingenious garden tractors, especially for small trees such as hazelnuts, olives, cherries, sour cherries, citrus fruits, pears and peaches. "Thanks to the M Series, large tractors that hit and damage fruits have become history in horticulture," he said.

Pointing out that the trust in Erkunt is increasing day by day and the importance of customer satisfaction, Saylan emphasized that Bursa Agricultural Fair is one of the most important agricultural fairs of Turkey.


Stating that they will host farmers with a large team at the fair, Tolga Saylan said: “It is very important to understand the consumer, not to fall behind the developments in technology while meeting his needs, and at the same time to design the tractor that will provide him with the comfort, performance and economy he needs while doing his job. With this perspective, after many years of R&D studies, tests and trials, we started to use our domestically produced engine, which complies with new emission standards, in our tractors designed by Turkish engineers together with Turkish farmers in our own land. "eCapra Engine brand engines, whose performance was tested in field studies conducted in many parts of Turkey, received full marks from our farmers in terms of fuel consumption and performance."

Pointing out that Bursa is the heart of Fruit tractors and hosts a large organization that brings together local and foreign sector stakeholders whose potential increases every year, Tolga Saylan continued his words as follows: “When we evaluate the demands that continue to come over the years and our farmer meetings in our field studies, We see that horticulture is becoming more and more important day by day. While we know that Fruiti and Bursa cannot be considered separately from each other, Erkunt Tractor will not only exhibit the garden tractors that attract the most attention in the Turkish market at this fair. Our 5 horsepower Hasret 4 Luxury CRD16 model, with its 16-cylinder Deutz engine with Turbo Intercooler and Common Rail fuel injection system in compliance with Stage 16 emission standards and 8 forward 126,5 reverse Powershift transmission, or the optional 125 forward 5 reverse Powershuttle option we offer, also supports our claim in the sector. "It will be offered to Bursa farmers."


Noting that they expect their new models to attract attention at the fair, Erkunt Traktör CEO Tolga Saylan said, “Our Fruitci models, which are well-known to Bursa farmers, and our 52 horsepower Kısmet 50 Bahçe model, will be among our products to be exhibited at this fair with their Stage 5 emission Deutz and domestic eCapra engines. With POWER mode, which increases from 67 horsepower to 73,6 horsepower with increased engine power, our 3-cylinder Nimet 70 Fruity CRD5 and 75,3-cylinder Servet 4 Fruity CRD80.4 models with 5 horsepower are equipped with a 16 forward and 8 reverse Hi-Lo transmission, as well as a 32 forward transmission. It will impress with its 16 reverse gear options. Kismet 38,8 with Stage 52 emission and eCapra engine, reaching a maximum speed of 57 km/h and increasing engine power from 8 horsepower to 8 horsepower with POWER mode, 3 forward 25 reverse Carraro mechanical transmission and a 5% torque increase compared to the current 50A model. The garden model will be among our models that will meet the farmers of Bursa. "We will be waiting for our farmers at the fairground with our new models with Stage 93 Ecapra engine and Deutz engine, which will be the new favorite of farmers from the moment they enter the market, produced with superior technology, equipped and at the same time reducing harmful exhaust gases into the air by 5%."

Reminding that in addition to the best-selling Erkunt Tractor products in the vineyard, garden and field segments at the Bursa Fair, there will also be the Hisarlar brand, which has been producing soil tillage machines in the agricultural machinery sector with its own design and production capabilities since 1984, Saylan said, "We are experts in agricultural equipment, which is a complementary product of the tractor." "I invite all our farmer friends to our Hisarlar and Erkunt stands, which have a wide range of products," he said.