Additional Turn Arm at Bursa - Mudanya Road Filament Junction Relieved Traffic

Additional Turn Arm at Bursa-Mudanya Road Filament Junction Relieved Traffic
Additional Turn Arm at Bursa-Mudanya Road Filament Junction Relieved Traffic

📩 03/10/2023 05:51

Within the scope of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's transportation investments, the additional turning branch built at the Filament Junction on the Bursa - Mudanya road gave respite to the traffic in the region.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented many investments such as rail systems, new roads, smart intersections and public transportation in order to bring radical solutions to Bursa's transportation problem, has commissioned another project that will breathe new life into traffic. Filament Junction, which was built with the aim of providing uninterrupted transportation for vehicles coming from Mudanya direction to Akpınar District and back to Mudanya, has been completed. In this way, the traffic congestion at the intersection during peak hours was eliminated.

Density decreased

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that transportation is their first priority and they are doing their best to ease traffic. Noting that they were happy to complete another project, Mayor Aktaş said, “We completed the additional branch at the Filament Junction to facilitate the transition to Akpınar District and subsequent neighborhoods. Vehicles coming from the ring road, especially from the direction of Mudanyaya, were previously making these crossings using the side roads. Very serious infrastructure displacement works were carried out here. With the completion of the return arm, our citizens were able to return to Akpınar more easily. There were a lot of vehicle crossings, especially during rush hours. With this work, we also reduced the density. It is not easy to achieve this transformation in a constantly growing city like Bursa. But we continue our services determinedly and systematically. "I wish good luck to our Bursa and our region," he said.