TEKNOFEST Will Meet Technology Lovers in Izmir

TEKNOFEST Will Meet Technology Lovers in Izmir
TEKNOFEST Will Meet Technology Lovers in Izmir

📩 19/09/2023 13:07

Aviation, Space and Technology Festival TEKNOFEST will meet technology lovers in Izmir, its third and last stop after Istanbul and Ankara.

TEKNOFEST, which brings together young people from all over Turkey who are guided by science and technology and produce the technologies of the future, will continue to blow their feet by breaking new records in Izmir. The event, which will be held at Çiğli Airport between 27 September and 1 October, will include technology and entrepreneurship competitions in Izmir, air shows that provide a visual feast in the sky, science shows, TEKNOFEST discovery game, simulation experience areas, educational workshops, exhibitions, stage shows and concerts. It will give you an adventure full of technology and space.


In TEKNOFEST, where more competition categories are opened every year compared to the previous year in parallel with the development of technology and where the largest award-winning technology competitions in Turkey's history are organized with the aim of "A Turkey That Develops Technology", 34 startups competed in the TEKNOFEST Entrepreneurship Competition held in Ankara for the first time this year. He won the prize of 3 million TL.


Entrepreneurial contestants who will compete in the Izmir stage under the themes of "Tourism Technologies and Gaming Environment", "Energy and Climate Technologies", "Barrier-Free Living Technologies", "Health and Wellness Technologies" will compete to be the best here.


Additionally, Deneyap Idea Marathon and Deneyap Makeathon, Take Off Entrepreneurship Summit Preliminary Events will continue to contribute to the national technology move in Izmir. Experimental Idea Marathon and Deneyap Makeathon Competition will also be held for the first time at TEKNOFEST Izmir.


The competitions, which will reinforce the idea development processes and presentation skills of students studying at Deneyap Technology Workshops, also aim to raise a generation that experiences the productization process and brand development.


Within the scope of the festival, 81 teams and 132 thousand 913 students from 2 different Deneyap Technology Workshops from 592 provinces at the secondary school, high school or above level applied to the Deneyap Idea Marathon, while 327 students in a total of 1055 teams were entitled to proceed to the intermediate round in the competition, where the students were supported by their advisors.


Among 327 teams and 1055 students who made their presentations in the intermediate round, 28 teams and 94 students won the right to become finalists. The winners will receive a total of 60 thousand TL in the secondary school category and a total of 60 thousand TL in the high school category. On the other hand, the Deneyap Makeathon Competition, where students who continue to receive training at Deneyap Technology Workshops, will try themselves and put the knowledge they have learned in the training into practice, will be organized in two categories: middle school and high school. Students will create a solution to the issue given during the competition with the team they form and turn this solution into a prototype. In the competition, which is organized in 3 stages, a theme will be given to the finalist teams, the teams will work on the determined theme and produce prototypes suitable for the problem.


1005 thousand 2 students in 979 teams applied for the competition, which was held for the first time within the scope of TEKNOFEST Izmir, and 408 students in 1301 teams were entitled to proceed to the intermediate round. Among the 408 teams and 1031 students whose video presentations were made in the intermediate round, 32 teams and 102 students won the right to become finalists.