Osmangazi Bridge Route and 2023 Current Tolls

Osmangazi Bridge Route and Current Tolls
Osmangazi Bridge Route and Current Tolls

📩 20/09/2023 11:51

Osmangazi Bridge is a suspension bridge connecting Istanbul and Bursa at the narrowest point of the Marmara Sea. The bridge, opened on March 18, 2016, is Turkey's longest suspension bridge after the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge.

Osmangazi Bridge Route

The route of the Osmangazi Bridge is between Malkara district, located on the Tekirdağ provincial border on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, and Gemlik district of Bursa. The bridge passes through a depth of 1380 meters of the Marmara Sea and connects the two sides.

Osmangazi Bridge 2023 Current Toll Fees

Osmangazi Bridge toll fees vary depending on vehicle type and direction of passage. As of July 2023, toll fees are as follows:

Vehicle Type One Way Toll (TL)
Otomobil 205
Minibus 255
Truck (2 axles) 460
Truck (3 axles) 510
Bus (2 axles) 450
Bus (3 axles) 550
Truck (2 axles) 950
Truck (3 axles) 1050
Truck (4 axles) 1150
Truck (5 axles) 1250

Tolls on the Osmangazi Bridge are valid if the vehicles crossing the bridge pay with the HGS or OGS label. Cash payments are not valid for bridge crossings.

Tolls on the Osmangazi Bridge are determined every year in January.