ESBAŞ is among Europe's Top 150 Companies for the Second Time

ESBAŞ is among the Best Companies in Europe for the Second Time
ESBAŞ is among the Best Companies in Europe for the Second Time

📩 24/09/2023 10:12

Great Place to Work, the global authority in workplace culture, ranked ESBAŞ among the top 3.300 companies in Europe for the second time in its evaluation among more than 150 companies across Europe that make a difference with the happiness of their employees.

ESBAŞ was included in the Medium-Sized Company Category in the Best Workplaces in Europe 2.6 list, which was created with data obtained from the Trust Index survey, which included 2023 million employees this year.

ESBAŞ was among the best 21 companies in Europe announced at the Best Workplaces in Europe 2023 Award Ceremony, which took place at the European Congress Center in Luxembourg on the evening of September 150. This year, 2022 companies from Turkey were selected for the List of Europe's Good Companies, which ESBAŞ managed to enter in 12 as well.

According to data obtained from employee experience surveys, companies that make a difference in issues such as flexible working model, being cared for by colleagues, and a psychologically and emotionally healthy workplace experience were included in the List of Europe's Best Companies.

Congratulating the companies that made the list this year, Great Place To Work CEO Michael C. Bush said, “The organizations on the list set an example for companies in all markets around the world. "By building trust-based institutions for their employees, these companies have achieved great work, new ideas, and stronger business results," he said.

Evaluating the successful results they achieved in Europe, ESBAŞ Executive Board Chairman Dr. Faruk Güler reminded that their company entered the List of Europe's Best Companies in 2022 and said that they were very happy to have achieved the same success this year. Pointing out that GPTW, the global authority in workplace culture, selects the best workplaces in Turkey and Europe every year and prepares the lists by evaluating the feedback companies receive from their employees. Faruk Güler said, “ESBAŞ is a company that has managed to enter the list of the best companies four times in a row in Turkey and twice in a row in Europe. We attach great importance to the fact that an international organization ranked our company among the best companies in Europe twice in a row in an evaluation made among 3 companies across Europe. Since ESBAŞ embarked on its journey of excellence in institutionalization, it has received very good awards and has raised the bar very high, most recently by becoming one of the best companies in Europe. We achieved this success thanks to the strong bond we established with our employees. "This strong bond will bring us much greater success," he said.