What are the Most Preferred Action Games?

What are the Most Preferred Action Games?

📩 22/09/2023 11:29

Action games, in the most general terms, are types of games in which players can use their innate abilities to achieve healthy hand and eye coordination, and these features come to the fore. When we examine the games from past to present, we can see that there are many enthusiasts of action games. Players have almost identified themselves with survival games, horror, adventure, fighting and games in similar categories. Action-oriented games are generally common among men. However, we can say that women also love such games. The fact that adventure and fighting games are more common among men may be a reason why action games are more common among men. When the history of this type of game is examined, it goes back to the 1980s. Generally, there is a hero in the game and this hero goes through various stages using different weapons. When we move from the 1980s to the present day, we can notice that the effect of changing and developing technology is also seen on games. With better quality graphics, players have much more visual scenery. Without further ado, let's list the most popular action games for you. The action games most liked by players are listed below, What are the Most Preferred Action Games?

What are the Most Preferred Action Games Among Gamers?

1- God Of War III

God Of War The game appears as a game that especially appeals to people who love Greek mythology. The game was produced for the Playstation console. It has been said for a long time that the God OF War game will be produced for the computer. However, so far there has been no new development in this direction. As far as we can see from the interviews with the players, God OF War is one of the most addictive action game genres. Users who have managed to finish the game state that they cannot give up on it and play it over and over again. When we examine the scenario of God OF War, Kratos, named as the god of war in Greek mythology, appears as a character who has to pass various levels. Kratos' main task in the game is to ascend to Mount Olympus. During this rise, various monsters, titans and gods from Greek mythology are fought. When we consider its scenario and game graphics, we can see that God OF War is a very immersive action game.

2- Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village, which seems more like a horror game, catches our review as an action and adrenaline game with both its scenario and the behavior of the characters in the game. Aforementioned gameIt is included in the action game category on the Steam Platform. Although it may seem a bit expensive in terms of price, you will see that it is worth the money you pay when you play the game. When we look at the scenario of Resident Evil Village, we can see that two main characters come to the fore. One of these characters is Ethen and the other is Mia. In the game, we understand that Athen and Mia are married and live in a town. This couple also has a daughter named Rose. This family, which generally lives a good life, is attacked at a dinner and Mia dies in the attack. The attackers also kidnap Ethan. Later in the scenario, when Ethan comes to his senses, he sees werewolves and various Monsters in the middle of a road. From this moment on, our character tries to find his daughter and our game begins.

3- Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption game takes place historically in 1899. Although it seems like a game specific to previous years, it has become one of the most popular action games in 2019. The name of our character in the REd Dead Redemption 2 game is Arthur Morgan. According to the scenario, our character is in a gang and is one of the most important men of this gang. Players take part in various robberies with the character. However, in the last robbery, things do not go well and the law enforcement officers of the period, the headhunters, come after our character. In the following episodes, the action scenes that win the minds of the actors continue to come. In general terms, we can say that Red Dead Redemption 2 has an immersive structure.

4- Die Young

Die Young game adopts a struggle for survival as its scenario. When we look at the game audience, we can say that it has a quality audience, even though it does not seem to be a large number. Users who play the game in question seem to be strictly committed to the game. In the game, where you can encounter the best action scenes in terms of graphic quality and scenario, you suddenly find yourself waking up in a well while on holiday in the Aegean sea. In the game where you aim to reach your friends by trying to get out of the well, you will start to see dead bodies in the following levels. From now on, your only goal will be to get off the island safely. The game, which resembles an action movie with its scenario, becomes a passion accompanied by adventure. Having to solve some puzzles while trying to escape from the island shows why players are passionate about the game.

5- Max Payne

Max Payne games are a platform that has managed to attract the attention of game lovers serially. The first series of the platform managed to attract the attention of action game lovers, and the same interest continued to increase in the subsequent series. The game is set in a detective genre and has gained appreciation for its graphics and gripping scenario for people who are passionate about action games of this type. When we look at the script, we can see that the actor started his duty as a police officer in New York City. One night when our character returns home, he encounters attackers. The character intervenes against the attackers and then starts looking for his wife and child at home. However, it is later noticed that things are not going well and our character returns to the game with the Oath of Vengeance. The hero, who is a police officer, leaves the unit he works in and is assigned to the narcotics-related crime unit. Here he begins to wage a relentless fight against drug gangs. The Hero, who infiltrated various gangs during the mission, cannot control his anger, so his secret identity is revealed and a new adventure begins in the game. You can experience fun and action together with the platform, which manages to offer action-packed adventures to users, starting from the first series to the last series.

6-Days Gone

best action games Of course, it was impossible not to add a zombie-related adventure game to our list. From this perspective, Days Gone reflects the taste of a real action game to the players with its scenario. As expected, an epidemic begins in the game and, as a scenario, our character's wife and child are injured. In the next part of the work, our character hands his wife over to the paramedics and begins a relentless fight against zombies. Our character in the game is a motorcycle enthusiast and has a rebellious character. While zombies are hunted in the game, certain tasks are also performed. In this respect, you can see that it is an immersive game. Action lovers will have a fun time with Days Gone.

7- Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

Even though Call Of Duty Modern Warfare entered our list at number 7, it is perhaps known as one of the best games ever in the history of action games. Call Of Duty Modern Warfare game is among the latest series of Call Of Duty. However, we should also point out that all series in Call Of Duty are among the legendary action games in their own right. Even in the times when the graphics were not yet developed enough, this game took its place among the games in the action and adventure category, played passionately by the players. When we examine the Call Of Duty Modern Warfare game, we can say that even if you are not a soldier, you will fight harder than the soldiers. According to the scenario in the game, a fictional country that does not exist is occupied by the Russians. Our character joins the military unit to protect the chemical weapons and the country during this invasion. With joining the union, action and adventure begin to show themselves. The game takes place in War from start to finish and the action is never lacking. We can say that this is the biggest factor that keeps users glued to the screen.