With Unknown Faces of Bursa bgazete.com.tr

With Unknown Faces of Bursa bgazete com tr

📩 20/09/2023 16:18

A News Source That Delves into the Depths of Bursa: Bursa's Past, Present and Future is on bgazete.com.tr

This unique city, which was annexed to the Ottoman Empire by Orhan Gazi in 1326, attracts visitors not only from Turkey but also from all over the world. So, what are the faces of Bursa that you haven't discovered yet? bgazete.com.tr becomes your guide on this journey of discovery. Bursa News Always stay up to date with…

The First Capital of the Ottoman Empire: Intertwined with History

Bursa, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, is almost an open-air museum with its historical mosques, baths and mansions. Buildings such as Yesil Mosque, Ulu Mosque and Emir Sultan Mosque bear witness to the rich history of Bursa. bgazete.com.tr covers the stories of these historical places with expert interviews and special files.

Uludağ: Kingdom of Winter and Summer

Uludağ is one of the most popular ski resorts in Turkey. However, this mountain is a paradise not only in winter but also in summer. bgazete.com.tr presents Uludağ's unknown trekking routes, endemic plant species and unique landscapes with detailed photographs and articles.

"Bursa, contains a new story in every corner, bgazete.com.tr brings these stories to you.”

Iznik: Meeting Point of Historical and Natural Beauties

Iznik Lake is surrounded by ruins from ancient times. At the same time, Iznik tiles have a worldwide reputation. bgazete.com.tr examines these riches of Iznik in depth with special videos, interviews and articles.

Taste Stops of Bursa

Bursa, the birthplace of Iskender kebab, is a city of taste. However, these flavors are not limited to Iskender alone. bgazete.com.tr offers a gastronomy guide from street delicacies to traditional tastes of Bursa.

From Industry to Art: The Multifaceted Face of Bursa

Bursa is one of Turkey's leading cities in textile and agriculture, as well as in the automotive industry. bgazete.com.tr, sheds light on the business world by discussing the economic structure of Bursa with analyzes and interviews. He also closely follows Bursa's artistic events, exhibitions and festivals.

bgazete.com.tr brings you not only the news of Bursa, but also its culture, history and natural beauties. Join us to discover every corner of Bursa.