'Like' and 'Some Interesting Events' TV Series are on TV+ with Exxen TV

'Like' and 'Some Interesting Events' TV Series are on TV+ with Exxen TV
'Like' and 'Some Interesting Events' TV Series are on TV+ with Exxen TV

📩 22/09/2023 14:58

Turkey's digital content platform TV+ continues to bring world-famous productions together with screen enthusiasts. TV+, which offers dozens of quality content to the audience in different categories, is bringing two local comedy series to the screens with Exxen TV in September. This month, 'Like' will meet series enthusiasts with its second season and 'Interesting Some Events' with its first season on Exxen TV and TV+.

TV+, which delivers content to users from a single platform in the age of multiple subscriptions, continues to broadcast popular series. Finally, TV+, which has made an agreement with the local content platform Exxen TV, brings two series to screen enthusiasts in September. Series fans will have a pleasant time with two comedy productions broadcast on TV+. While Gibi, which tells the story of small but complex events that happened to three friends, will be on the screen with its second season, Some Interesting Events, which is about the extraordinary events that happened to İbo, who lives in Bursa, will be on the screen with its first season.

The adventures of three friends continue

Gibi, a comedy series produced by Barış Ayaztaş and Feyyaz Yiğit, whose script was written by Aziz Kedi and Feyyaz Yiğit, and whose cast includes Feyyaz Yiğit, Kıvanç Kılınç and Ahmet Kürşat Öçalan, is about three friends, Yılmaz, İlkkan and Ersoy, who constantly quarrel with each other. He tells about his experiences. The series brings to the screen the misfortunes, strange events and despair that everyone experiences every day; It is about three friends who always find something to turn their ordinary lives upside down and make things complicated by exaggerating small events with real mastery. The most talked-about episodes of the series, which met with screen enthusiasts on Exxen TV and TV+ this month with its second season consisting of 10 episodes, include Çaça and Cosplay, Kuki, and Street Interview. The third and fourth seasons of the series will be broadcast on TV+ in the coming months.

TV series fans will laugh with İbo from Bursa

Some Interesting Events, a comedy whose 10-episode first season was broadcast on Exxen TV and TV+ this month, tells the interesting events of 37-year-old İbo, who preferred to stay in Bursa for his family instead of pursuing his dreams and was abandoned by his fiancee. The cast of the series includes İbrahim Büyükak, Zafer Algöz, Füsun Demirel, Özgür Emre Yıldırım, Melis Babadağ, Özgür Turhan, Duygu Karaca, Nursena Yılmaz, Meral Çetinkaya, Cemre Ebüzziya and İdil Sivritepe. İbrahim Büyükak was the director and screenwriter of Some Interesting Events, produced by NuLook Production. The second season of the series will meet the audience on Exxen TV and TV+ in the coming months.