Things to Do for Healthy and Smooth Skin

Things to Do for Healthy and Smooth Skin
Things to Do for Healthy and Smooth Skin

📩 26/09/2023 14:02

Assoc. Prof. from Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital Dermatology Department. Dr. Asude Kara Polat gave information about exosome.

“It is also good for sun spots and acne scars.”

Assoc. Prof. from the Dermatology Department of Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital stated that exosomes are protein vesicles that contain many growth factors and amino acids and are obtained by purifying mesenchymal stem cells with special processes in the culture environment. Dr. Asude Kara Polat said, “Exosomes obtained from newborn umbilical cord tissue are protein vesicles obtained by purifying them with special processes in the culture environment. Exosomes are very small, 30-200 mm in diameter. These vesicles, which are one thousandth the size of the cells, strengthen the functions of the cell they affect and can repair that cell. Exosome therapy is used for aesthetic purposes as well as in the treatment of some diseases. Successful results are achieved in areas such as spot treatment, skin rejuvenation, acne scar treatment, atopic eczema, hair loss, wound healing or burn treatment.” he said.

Assoc. Prof. said that unlike other stem cell methods in exosome treatment, bone marrow or abdominal fat is not taken from the patient. Dr. Asude Kara Polat stated that for this reason, it is known for being a much more practical method compared to stem cell treatment.

"Daily life can be continued after 30 minutes of procedure"

Underlining that exosomes are stored as a homogeneous suspension in a sterile cold chain, Assoc. Dr. "Approximately 30 minutes before the application, the patient's skin is cleaned and local anesthetic cream is applied," Asude Kara Polat said. He said and continued: “In exosome treatment, exosomes taken from stem cells are injected dermally into the designated area with the help of microneedles. After the exosome skin serum is injected, repair begins in the damaged cells. “Patients can easily continue their daily lives after the procedure.”

"Desired results can be achieved in a single session"

Assoc. Prof. stated that exosome treatment, which will be applied to the desired area of ​​the skin, is applied in a single session. Dr. Asude Kara Polat said, “After this procedure is applied once, the desired result is achieved over time. As soon as the exosome is injected into the cell, the repair process of the cells in the damaged area quickly begins. The repair power of the exosome cell is quite high. Treatment is planned individually depending on the disease or condition to be treated. For example, in case of hair loss, the process may take between 3-8 sessions. Transactions are generally carried out at intervals of 7-14 days. It can also be applied after hair transplantation. When done after transplantation, the transplanted hair is supported.” he said.