Ways to Deal with Selfish People

Ways to Deal with Selfish People
Ways to Deal with Selfish People

📩 26/09/2023 10:12

Expert Psychologist Kaan Üçyıldız gave important information on the subject. People who only think about themselves and their interests, who always expect their own wishes to come true, and who act without thinking or caring about others are a fact of life and have definitely been involved in your life at a certain period.

But how can you understand that a person is selfish?

First of all, it is not selfish for a person to think and care about himself, but if a person acts only by considering his own wishes and demands without thinking or caring about what others will feel, it can be expressed as selfishness. Selfish person; He sees himself as the center of the world, he does not empathize, he always wants to be listened to about his problems and problems, he does not want to talk about an important issue about you, he immediately talks about an issue related to his own life, he does not act like apologizing and appreciating when necessary, he constantly demands something from you for himself. .

How to deal with a selfish person?

You should not forget that a selfish person will tire you and exploit you over time. If you really want to deal with it, you have to be patient.

First of all, you must create a balance between you; if his wishes are realized, your wishes must also come true. You shouldn't do things for him unless he does things for you.

If a person speaks rudely/harshly to you, you should not speak rudely/harshly either because it will not benefit you. You should engage in as little communication and argument as possible; it will be beneficial to move away from the person who disturbs you.

You will need attention and importance as much as a selfish person needs attention and importance. It will be good to maintain balance. Spend time with people who make flowers bloom inside you and put a smile on your face, not with people who make you feel bad and unhappy...

Expert Psychologist Kaan Üçyıldız said, "One should not try to change selfish people because what you say is unimportant to them." said.