Vespa Introduced Two New Models in Istanbul

Vespa Introduced Two New Models in Istanbul
Vespa Introduced Two New Models in Istanbul

📩 22/09/2023 14:40

Italian Vespa, represented by Doğan Trend Automotive, launched its newest models, Vespa 946 10th Anniversary Series “Bunny” and Vespa GTV, at the special event held at the Italian Consulate General in Istanbul.

All Vespa models were exhibited at the special event, where hundreds of Vespa enthusiasts and fan clubs, consisting of leading names in business and artistic life, came together. The night, which started with the arrival of colorful Vespas produced in different years and models to the consulate in convoy, continued with a DJ performance and the delicious tastes of Italian cuisine. Vespa enthusiasts, who closely examined the newest Vespa models, once again experienced the fun character of the brand with music and refreshments.

Vespa, the legendary Italian brand that spread the scooter craze all over the world, represented in Turkey by Doğan Trend Otomotiv, introduced its newest models at the event held at the Consulate General of Italy in Istanbul. In the special organization where all current models were exhibited, the new models Vespa 946 10th Anniversary Series “Bunny” and Vespa GTV met with their enthusiasts for the first time. The event, which was held with the participation of Vespa enthusiasts and Vespa fan clubs, including leading names of business and artistic life such as Mehmet Turgut, Murat Aygen, Serra Yılmaz and Yosi Mizrahi, started with colorful Vespas arriving at the consulate in a convoy. With the participation of Italian Consul General in Istanbul Elena Clemente, Doğan Trend Automotive General Manager and Board Member Kağan Dağtekin and Doğan Trend Automotive Deputy General Manager Responsible for Motorcycles Emre Acar, Vespa 946 10th Anniversary Series “Bunny” and Vespa GTV were removed from their covers. enthusiasts examined the newest models for the first time. The guests, who had a pleasant time with the DJ performance accompanied by delicious treats of Italian cuisine, felt the entertaining lifestyle of the brand once again.

Vespa GTV: Inspired by the world of racing!

Highlighting the provocative and intriguing side of Vespa, the new Vespa GTV creates a striking combination of sporty, modern, classic and bold. In GTV, which adopts the wandering spirit of Vespone (Bumblebee), which gave its name to Vespa, an accessory cover compatible with the body can be added to the back of the single-cushion, two-color seat. The model's racing motorcycle emphasis is evident with its orange touches in the duct section and its sporty rim design in matte black. The different gauges of the Vespa GTV are attached to the characteristic tubular handlebar using an original cantilever bracket and are housed within the racing-inspired upper spoiler. Vespa GTV is designed with a matte black finish and contrasting orange graphics on the sides. Nero Convinto black and matte Avvolgente Beige color options are also available. The 300 cc single-cylinder HPE (High Performance Engine) enables the Vespa GTV to deliver bold performance. Providing up to 17,5 kW (23,8 HP) with four-valve timing, liquid cooling and electronic fuel injection systems, Vespa GTV has the most powerful engine in a Vespa motorcycle.

Vespa 946 10th Anniversary Series “Bunny”, inspired by the “Year of the Rabbit” according to the Chinese calendar!

For the 2011 Series, which was introduced as a prototype in 2013 and put into mass production in 946, Vespa started selling a special version called Vespa 10 1.000th Anniversary Series "Bunny" in Turkey, with an annual limit of 946 units, specially for its 10th year of production. The Vespa 1946 Series, which hit the roads 6 years ago with references to the MP10 model that started to be produced in 946, is produced according to China's 12-animal lunar calendar in this limited production, and the "Year of the Rabbit" theme is adopted specifically for the first year. During the following 12 years, it is planned to produce a limited number of Vespas, inspired by the animal symbols specific to that year in the lunar calendar. Only 1.000 units of the Vespa 946 10th Anniversary Series “Bunny” will be produced for the whole world, 150 of which are planned to come to Turkey. The safe and fun character of the Vespa 946 Series is used in this limited edition with rabbit decorations, special green color, black seat and handlebars.