Understanding TikTok Algorithm and Gaining Followers

Trollishly: A Smart Guide to Selling Merchandise on TikTok [XNUMX]
Trollishly: A Smart Guide to Selling Merchandise on TikTok [XNUMX]

📩 22/09/2023 18:05

TikTok has experienced a huge boom in recent years as a short video platform. This platform allows users to create videos between 15-60 seconds. However, many users may have difficulty becoming popular and gaining followers on this platform. At this point, understanding the TikTok algorithm is of great importance.

Fundamentals of TikTok Algorithm

There are many factors and factors among the foundations that make up the Tiktok algorithm. Some of these are as follows. Some of these are user interaction, watching the entire video, account size.

User Engagement: TikTok places great emphasis on how much interaction (likes, comments, shares) a video receives. These interactions are critical for a video to be highlighted by the algorithm.

Video Completion Rate

One of the most critical factors for TikTok is the video completion rate. If your users follow you and watch your video from beginning to end, it is an indicator for the algorithm that the video is of high quality. The more views you get from your users until the end of the video, the better returns you will start to get. In this way, your interactions will be at the highest level.

Account Size Increases Interaction

Videos from old and engaged accounts are highlighted more often by the algorithm than new accounts. Here, the algorithm ensures that proven TikTok accounts receive more views. Tiktok followers The higher your rate, the more interaction you will receive. So it means this. The algorithm can prioritize accounts with high interaction and followers.

Strategies to Gain Followers

Following popular trends on Tik Tok closely and producing content in line with these trends will allow your videos to reach more people. Producing trending or original content can make your TikTok account stand out. Producing quality and compliant content will increase interaction on your account.

Regular and quality content production helps the algorithm highlight you. If you produce video content with your Tik Tok account. You need to constantly add videos to your account regularly. For example, if you share one new video every day, it will be easier for your account to reach higher audiences. For example, if you shoot videos for 1 days in a row and do not produce content for 3 days, it may be more difficult for your account to grow. Users are following more accounts that share video content every day. As users see updated content in your account, it gives you more likes and viewing rates. Additionally, they increase your interaction by sharing your videos on their social media accounts.

Engagement Strategies and Being Featured

  • Hashtag Usage TikTok attaches importance to the use of hashtags to classify content and deliver it to a specific audience. Therefore, adding popular hashtags suitable for your content to your videos allows you to reach a wider audience.
  • Video Quality High quality and aesthetic videos attract more attention among TikTok users. Good lighting, clear sound and HD video quality will help your videos get more likes.
  • Be Open to Interaction Interacting with your followers helps them connect with you more and follow your content regularly. Strategies such as responding to comments and creating polls in stories are very important in this context.

Details of Being on the Explore Page

Being on the discover page on TikTok is one of the biggest goals of many users. Tik Tok promotes your videos to millions of users on the platform, ensuring that your number of followers and likes increases rapidly. Below we have listed some tips for you to take part in Discover.

  • Optimize your videos Properly optimizing your videos' title, description, and hashtags can help you stand out on the Explore page. Knowing the audience demographics of which age, gender and geographical region your videos appeal to will allow you to optimize your content strategies accordingly.
  • Videos that are entertaining, informative or have emotional value are shared more. Making your videos as shareable as possible can help you get more exposure on the Explore page.

Regular content production, optimizing your videos and developing interaction strategies will pave the way for you to become popular on TikTok.