Turkey's New Cultural Route Became 'Myrleia'

Turkey's New Cultural Route Became 'Myrleia'
Turkey's New Cultural Route Became 'Myrleia'

📩 27/09/2023 14:36

The 131,6-kilometer cultural route, prepared by Mudanya Municipality and covering the historical, cultural and natural values ​​of the city, was declared Turkey's new "cultural route" under the name "Rota Myrleia".

The "Faith, Walking, Cycling and Trekking" routes, which Mudanya Municipality completed under the name of "Rota Myrleia" to promote the natural, historical and cultural riches of the district, were declared as cultural routes with the approval of Bursa Governorship. The 2700-kilometer cultural route, which covers the historical, cultural and natural values ​​of Mudanya, which has a history of 131,6 years, was opened to tourism in accordance with the Sports Regulation for Tourism Purposes.

In this context, the 20-kilometer Walking Route consists of Tirilye Neighborhood Çamlı Kahve, Aya Yani Church, Kapanca Ancient Port, Ketendere Coast Esence Beach, Söğütpınar Beach Settlement, Eğirce Beach Settlement Mesudiye Bakantepe Observation Area.

The 31,6-kilometer Cycling Route includes Tirilye District Çamlı Kahve, Aya Yani Church, Kapanca Ancient Port, Esence Beach, Yalıçiftlik District, Yaman District, Çınarlı District, Kaymakoba District, Tirilye Beach, and the 17-kilometer Trekking Route.

It includes Kumyaka Ayastafoni locality, Kumyaka Kirya locality, Çepni District, Üsküptepe, Akyeller Selvilik locality, Kumkaya Lotus, Mavriya, Mankafa locality, Kumyaka village square. The 63-kilometer route, which includes Uğur Mumcu Cultural Center, Aydınpınar Church, Dereköy Church, Yaylacık Tatianos Monument, Mirzaoba Historical Minaret, Sancak Monument and Yörük Square, Kaymakoba, Çınarlı, Yaman, Yalıçiftlik, Tirilye and Kumyaka, was accepted as the Faith Route.


Underlining that they aim to unearth the 2-year-old Myrleia Ancient City as the common heritage of humanity, Mudanya Mayor Hayri Türkyılmaz said, “Under the coordination of our Directorate of Culture and Social Affairs, Uludağ University Faculty of Arts and Sciences Archeology Department Head Prof. Dr. Within the scope of this project, which we implemented under the consultancy of Mustafa Şahin, we revealed the values ​​of Mudanya with the contributions of our Directorate of Planning and Urbanization and the Parliament Tourism Commission. With Rota Myrleia, we take all history and nature lovers on a pleasant journey in Mudanya. "Let your route be Myrleia," he said.