'Together' Concerts Begin at Pera Museum

'Together' Concerts Begin at Pera Museum ()
'Together' Concerts Begin at Pera Museum ()

📩 26/09/2023 11:16

Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation Pera Museum brings together the strong female voices of the current music scene with the audience with its new concert series "Bir Arada". In the first of the concerts to be held at Pera Cafe on the last Friday of every month, jazz artist Ceren Temel and guest musician Bidar will take the stage.

Pera Museum's new concert series "Together" will host music lovers at Pera Cafe on the last Friday of each month between 29 September and 29 December. Bir Arada concerts organized to bring together notable names in their musical careers with Istanbul audiences; It is held in collaboration with Beats By Girlz Turkey, a music and technology initiative that supports young women who pursue their own music and want to tell their story.

Bir Arada concerts start on Friday, September 29 with jazz artist, composer and educator Ceren Temel. Bidar is the guest on the stage of Temel, who uses improvisation and interpretation as a means of expression in jazz, with his musical style based on progressive soul, jazz, R&B and electronic genres.

'Together' Concerts Begin at Pera Museum

Pera Museum invites everyone who wants to get caught up in the rhythm of music to be "Together" at Pera Cafe. Concert participants will be able to visit the exhibitions in the museum free of charge as part of "Long Friday".

The upcoming program is as follows:

October 27, 19.30

Tuğçe Şenoğul / Guest: Yasemin Mori

24 November, 19.30

Selin Sümbültepe / Guest: Lara Di Lara

29 December, 19.30

Dilan Balkay / Guest: Billur Battal