New Education Term Started in BUTGEM

New Education Term Started in BUTGEM
New Education Term Started in BUTGEM

📩 19/09/2023 14:27

A new era has begun at BUTGEM, which continues its activities as an exemplary model in the field of vocational education within the BTSO Education Foundation. BUTGEM, which aims to organize 14 educational programs in 200 different fields this year in line with the demands of the business world, has added artificial intelligence technologies to the education curriculum in the new period.

BUTGEM strengthens its brand identity in terms of vocational education day by day by modernizing its training programs in line with the needs of Bursa's business world. BUTGEM, where 2 thousand people have graduated from more than 40 thousand training programs so far, aims to organize nearly 14 training programs in 200 fields this year. BUTGEM, which has implemented training programs for the textile, automotive, metal-machinery, information technologies, industrial automation and service sectors, will continue to provide solutions to the qualified personnel needs of the business world in the new period.

“BUTGEM Strengthens Education Programs”

BTSO Board Member Erol Kılıç stated that the new academic year will be quite busy and said, “We aim to have nearly 2 thousand trainees graduate at the end of the new semester, with vocational training and development training for different sectors, as well as social responsibility projects. We have further increased our competence and experience in education with both our educator staff and our classes equipped with new generation technology. In developed economies, there is a significant breakthrough in many areas such as artificial intelligence and electric vehicle technologies. We focused on studies in this field in Bursa, the locomotive city of the Turkish economy. “We will continue to fulfill our responsibility for qualified employment, which is critical for a more value-added production and a strong transformation move.” said.

“The Right Address for Qualified Workforce”

Feyzullah Eren Türkmen, Bursa Provincial Director of the Labor and Employment Agency, said that BUTGEM is a very important educational institution that sets an example both in Bursa and in Turkey. Stating that the center has carried out important work on qualified employment since its establishment, Türkmen said, “BUTGEM is a great opportunity for Bursa. BUTGEM also successfully implemented European Union projects. For qualified workforce, BUTGEM's presence plays a guarantor role for Bursa's workforce. BUTGEM is the right address for a truly qualified workforce. “I would like to thank the BTSO Board of Directors and those who contributed to this exemplary project.” he said.

“We Will Continue to Support BUTGEM”

Bursa Provincial Director of National Education Ahmet Alireisoğlu stated that Bursa has a serious potential in terms of vocational education and said, “BUTGEM is a very valuable center in terms of revealing this potential. For the future of our country, we should focus more on vocational education. We are aware of the added value provided by the work in our important centers such as BUTGEM. “We will continue to support such studies.” said.

Artificial Intelligence Training Programs Started

BUTGEM Academic Advisor Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karahan stated that, as BUTGEM, they have added artificial intelligence technologies, which are rapidly strengthening their position all over the world, to the education curriculum and said, “Recently, especially with the rapid development of technology, artificial intelligence has been gaining momentum in the field of informatics and technology. As BUTGEM, we started our training by adding artificial intelligence technologies to the education curriculum in the new academic period with our expert teachers. At BUTGEM, located in BTSO Education and Technology Campus, we graduate an average of more than 2 thousand students every year. The training programs we have designed for many sectors will make a significant contribution to reaching the human resources demanded by the business world. BUTGEM's contribution to the business world will increase exponentially.” he said.