Most Preferred Regions for Autumn Holiday in Turkey

Antalya Hotels

Autumn is one of the ideal seasons for holidays. Weather conditions allow spending long hours outdoors and the crowd is decreasing Autumn is the choice of those who want to enjoy the holiday. You can prepare yourself for the new season by evaluating holiday destination suggestions for autumn. You enter the winter rested and refreshed.

Autumn Vacation Is the Preference of Those Who Want to Spend a Calm and Peaceful Time

Autumn is one of the most suitable seasons for holidays. While the sun is still shining in early September, it loses its burning intensity. Especially in the morning and evening hours, the air temperature drops and gentle breezes begin. Rain may also appear from time to time. Those who want to end the summer by taking a holiday for the last time, those who are overwhelmed by the crowds, before returning to the city Those who plan to recharge will head towards their autumn holiday destinations.

The weather starts to get cooler in October, especially cultural tour It pleases the enthusiasts. If you want to travel and walk comfortably without burning in the sun or getting cold in the cold, you can go on holiday in October. Moreover, during this period when most people are at work and school during the day, you will find the streets, public transportation and historical sites relatively empty. You can complete outdoor activities with comfort.

November is the harbinger of winter when the leaves turn yellow and fall and the weather gets colder. it is a romantic month. It is the favorite of those who want to take nature walks with their partners, watch the view by the fireplace and have different experiences. You may also consider taking an autumn holiday in November to experience these experiences.

Autumn Holiday Tourism Maintains Its Intensity in the Mediterranean

There are many options suitable for autumn holidays in Turkey, which has four seasons. The Mediterranean region, which is one of the leading holiday destinations in Turkey, is extremely attractive not only in summer but also in autumn. You can have an autumn holiday Mediterranean holiday regions You can find it below.

  • Antalya
  • Alanya
  • Eyebrow
  • Side
  • Anamur
  • Adana

Antalya Hotels

The waters of the Mediterranean will not cool down even after summer ends. Those who want to have a sea holiday in warm waters and under the still shining sun, even in autumn To Antalya hotels They can come. The fun of the Mediterranean is not limited to the summer season. Held especially in autumn in Mersin and Adana with festivals You can both expand your horizons and have fun.

The Mediterranean is not only full of beach holidays and entertainment, with cultural tours It is also famous. You can go on a cultural tour in autumn, which is a suitable time to explore the cities you visit. You can visit ancient cities and walk the Lycian Way.

Aegean Coasts have become the apple of the eye of spring tourism lately

Bodrum Hotels

The legendary holiday destinations of the Aegean coast attract visitors in autumn as well. Bodrum hotelsare facilities where you can enjoy autumn. In these facilities it is still hot but now calm. you can enjoy the beaches. You can swim for long hours without worrying about burning. If you wish, you can also spend time in the hotel pools. You can participate in different events for which you cannot find a place or opportunity in the summer.

Marmaris Hotels

Another apple of the eye of the Aegean is Marmaris. In Marmaris hotels You can spend time with your family. You can go on your postponed honeymoon. You can taste special flavors in à la carte restaurants and in massage parlors You can renew. It is even possible to bring your pets to some of these hotels.

If you move a little higher in the Aegean region, you can have a holiday in Kuşadası. From there, you can go to Izmir and visit the ancient cities of Ephesus and Pergamon, and explore holiday resorts such as Çeşme and Sığacık. Then, we proceed to Balıkesir and visit holiday resorts such as Ayvalık, Cunda, Edremit and Akçay. you can find the peace you are looking for

Plan Your Holiday in Advance to Catch Autumn Holiday Opportunities!

Especially September is a period when the holidays still continue. Therefore, you may want to consider making reservations in advance to go on holiday in the fall. Setur's early booking opportunitiesoffers great advantages for autumn holidays. For your autumn holiday, where you can enjoy almost every region of Turkey, you can review the hotels listed in Setur and have a safe holiday experience.