Advertising Board Fined 9 Million Liras in 64,1 Months

Advertising Board Imposed a Million Lira Fine per Month
Advertising Board Imposed a Million Lira Fine per Month

📩 19/09/2023 13:18

The Advertising Board imposed a total administrative fine of 1346 million 64 thousand 141 lira, including a suspension penalty, for 381 files that were found to be deceptive advertising or unfair commercial practices. At the board meeting, opinions and evaluations were made about 138 files.

A total of 9 files were discussed by the board in 1527 months of the year. A total of 1346 million 64 thousand 141 liras of administrative fine was imposed, along with a suspension penalty, for 381 files that were found to be deceptive advertisements or unfair commercial practices, and access was blocked for 38 files.

A Guide on Consumer Evaluations was prepared

In addition to the decisions made by the Board as a result of the file reviews, a study was carried out as a guide for all segments, especially consumers and the electronic commerce sector.

Within the scope of the study in question, "About Consumer Evaluations", which reflects the Advertising Board's perspective on the subject and will guide the sector in compliance with the legislation, regarding the comments and rating practices consisting of consumer experiences and experiences that have an important place in consumers' shopping preferences and significantly affecting their purchasing decisions, and their ranking. "Guide" was prepared.

Preventing consumers from being informed correctly, manipulating the purchasing decision-making process consisting of need and benefit/cost criteria with expressions or designs that are not clear and understandable, deceiving consumers with fake evaluations published by malicious sellers or providers, and misleading consumers with fake reviews that do not reflect the truth or whose existence cannot be proven. Practices that may cause deception are banned by the Ministry of Commerce and considered unfair commercial practices.

Thanks to the regulations clarified by the Guide on Consumer Evaluations, sector representatives that allow the publication of consumer evaluations are guided on how and in what manner to publish the evaluations of consumers who have actually purchased a good or service, as well as practices that cause consumers to lose their trust in this information presented on the internet. It is intended to end.