Special Logo from Pirelli for Environmentally Friendly Tires

Pirelli Created a Special Logo to Identify Sustainable Tires
Pirelli Created a Special Logo to Identify Sustainable Tires

📩 20/09/2023 15:32

Milan, 20 September 2023. Pirelli has created a special logo to identify tires containing at least 50% bio-based and materials from recycled sources. The new marking, which depicts two arrows in a circle and will be adopted on new products, emphasizes Pirelli's commitment to the environment and the high safety performance inherent in every tire produced. The new logo has also been designed to give customers a clear indication of how to choose more sustainable tyres.

The latest Pirelli marking was first used on the P Zero E tyre. As of launch, this tire across the product family has been confirmed by Bureau Veritas, a world leader in compliance and certification for quality, environment, health, safety and social responsibility (according to the ISO55 standard) to contain more than 14021% bio-based and recycled source materials* . Environmentally compatible materials will continue to be third-party verified as standard on all future products adopting the new logo.

Giovanni Tronchetti Provera, President of Sustainability and Future Mobility at Pirelli, said:

“Pirelli has been consistently reducing its environmental impact for years. This policy is confirmed by all major sustainability indices, which recognize our commitments and transparency in terms of both results and ethics. That's why, for example, we indicate the percentage of sustainable material content by 'at least' rather than 'by'. “We will continue to move forward on this path, which is accepted and appreciated by our automobile manufacturer partners.”

Pirelli's journey to reduce its environmental impact includes the increasing use of sustainable materials. Thanks to P Zero E, Pirelli reached its initial target for 2025 two years early. The next step, set for 2030 for selected product lines, is envisaged to use less than 60% fossil-derived ingredients, with at least 12% bio-based and 30% recycled materials. Pirelli aims to regularly advance these goals through technological innovations from all the different departments involved in the tire development process.

These innovations pave the way for the development of new products both at the qualitative level, thanks to the increasing percentage of sustainable materials, and at the quantitative level, by certification of supply chains according to internationally accredited standards.

For example, in 2021, Pirelli became the first company to produce an FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified tire using natural rubber and FSC® rayon. As a result, customers are assured that all forest-derived materials are sourced from plantations that support biodiversity, while bringing economic sustainability to the lives of local communities and workers.