Raw Meatballs, the 4 Thousand Year Old Flavor of Anatolia, is Popular in Europe

Raw Meatballs, the Thousand-Year-Old Flavor of Anatolia, is Popular in Europe
Raw Meatballs, the Thousand-Year-Old Flavor of Anatolia, is Popular in Europe

📩 25/09/2023 13:18

Mevlüt Ceyhun Tekdemir, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Komagene, said that raw meatballs, the 4 thousand years old delicacy of Anatolia, are popular in Europe and added: "In recent years, raw meatballs are very popular in Europe, as they are both delicious and healthy food, rivaling döner kebab." said.

The fact that raw meatballs are delicious, green, healthy and vegan plays a big role in consumer preference. "Many European entrepreneurs, especially Turks, are requesting us to open a raw meatball business," he said.

Stating that the main ingredient of raw meatballs is bulgur, Tekdemir said, “Bulgur ground in stone mills is blended with Kahramanmaraş's famous isot and 21 types of spices, then walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts are added. At the Komagene Flavor Base, we knead the raw meatballs in the latest technological machines until they reach their traditional taste and consistency, and package them untouched by human hands and deliver them to all countries around the world via a cold chain. Meatless raw meatballs are also indispensable for vegans. It does not contain animal foods such as meat and broth; It is completely natural and herbal. "It is also a very healthy source of fiber," he said.

There are more than 500 raw meatball establishments in Europe

Stating that they are the first brand that comes to mind when raw meatballs are mentioned in Turkey as well as in the world, Komagene Deputy General Manager Semiha Demiral said: “Cig meatballs, which were initially preferred by immigrants who knew this taste, especially Turks, gradually ceased to be a cultural and ethnic taste. As an affordable price and a satisfying taste, it has started to gain a place in the eating habits of Europeans. There are more than 500 raw meatball establishments belonging to different brands in Europe, especially in Germany. We operate in many countries around the world, including Europe and America. We are a favorite of both consumers and investors in Europe. We were chosen as Turkey's number one fast food brand by Ekonomist magazine in October 2022. We continue to grow in Europe as well. "We have nearly 2 branches around the world," he said.

Stating that they aim to introduce the delicious taste of raw meatballs to the whole world with the slogan 'We know no limits in taste', Demiral said, "Since we are the largest franchise brand in Turkey, this demand is increasing day by day. The awareness of our brand, quality products and our uncompromising application of healthy production principles also play a major role in this demand. "Again, the fact that our production facilities in Turkey are inspected by international independent organizations and are deemed worthy of documents such as GFSI-approved BRGC, IFS and FSSC 22000, which are the most prestigious food certificates in the world, is also effective in choosing our brand," he said.

Komagene at Anuga Fair

Stating that they are faced with intense demand for dealership from both Turkey and abroad, Demiral said, “We will represent the flavors of Turkish cuisine at ANUGA, the world's largest food fair, which will be held in Cologne, Germany, between 7-12 October. At the fair, where nearly 10 thousand food giants will participate, Komagene will add flavor to the fair with its magnificent flavors. "He will also hold a series of meetings with new business partners regarding franchise investments during the fair," he said.