Rain Continues in Istanbul, Excessive Rain Warning on the Anatolian Side

Rain Continues in Istanbul. Excessive Rain Warning on the Anatolian Side
Rain Continues in Istanbul. Excessive Rain Warning on the Anatolian Side

📩 30/09/2023 11:46

The rainfall, which has been effective in Istanbul since Thursday, will continue today. The showers, which have been effective at short intervals on the European side and around the Bosphorus since the morning hours, will increase its effect on the Anatolian side and around the Bosphorus in the evening. According to AKOM's meteorological evaluation, especially the Anatolian side is expected to receive 18.00 kg or more of precipitation per hour, which is considered an extreme value, starting from 100.


In the statement made by AKOM, while precautions were taken against some negativities such as floods, stream overflows, floods, landslides, retaining wall collapses, ponding, stranding, and transportation disruptions due to excessive rainfall, Istanbulites were asked not to go to traffic unless necessary and to be cautious against negativities. .


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Teams, which are on alert against any negative effects that may occur due to rainy weather, quickly responded to a total of 3.430 notices received from across the province, with 1.658 personnel, 3.667 vehicles and work machines. 200 people and 707 animals who were stranded due to rainfall exceeding 15 kg per hour in some districts were rescued by firefighters.


IBB teams, standing by, intervened in the negativities experienced in many different parts of Istanbul. Negativities were eliminated with instant interventions. All units, especially İSKİ and Fire Brigade teams, served in the field. Here are some of the short-term negativities and interventions made throughout the day on Friday and yesterday:

1. Silivri district Gümüşyaka location D100 highway – ponding (intervention was made)

2. Arnavutköy Central Main Arteries – ponding (intervention)

3. Başakşehir Bedrettin Dalan Boulevard – ponding (intervention)

4. Başakşehir İkitelli Junction No. 3 – ponding (intervention)

5. Başakşehir İkitelli Junction No. 4 – ponding (intervention)

6. Başakşehir 4th Stage Road – ponding (intervention)

7. Başakşehir Atatürk Boulevard – ponding (intervened)

8. T4 Tram line Taşköprü station – flood (intervention)

9. Sultangazi Mahmutbey Road Underpass – ponding (intervention)

10. In front of Arnavutköy Kiptaş Residences – ponding (intervention was made)

11. Çağlayan Underpass Şişli – Piyalepaşa direction – ponding (intervention)

12. Bayrampaşa Yıldırım Mah.- TEM exit – ponding (intervened)

13. Başakşehir Süleyman Demirel Boulevard – ponding (intervention)

14. Beşiktaş Zincirlikuyu Metrobus Station Underpass Söğütlüçeşme direction – pond


15. Eyüpsultan Alibeyköy Yavuz Selim Cad. – ponding (intervened)

16. Gaziosmanpaşa Hekimsuyu Cad. – stranded (intervened)

17. Beşiktaş Ortaköy Muallim Naci Caddesi – ponding (intervention)

18. Being stranded at various addresses in Arnavutköy, Başakşehir and Sultangazi districts (702

person) (intervened)

19. Arnavutköy district barn – stranded (15 cattle) (intervened)

20. Kağıthane Okmeydanı Junction – ponding (intervention)

21. Şişli Mecidiyeköy Square – ponding (intervention)

22. Arnavutköy Mehmet Zeki Obdan Primary School – stranded (intervened)

23. Arnavutköy Hacımaşlı Mah. Beyaz Akasya Street – stranded (7 people) (intervention


24. Üsküdar Ünalan Mah.Libadiye Cad. Emaar AVM underpass – ponding (intervention)

25. Pendik Ankara Street – ponding (intervened)

26. Pendik Kurtköy Üstün Caddesi Soydaş Sokak – Retaining wall collapse on 2 vehicles (5

person was rescued, 1 person was trapped in the vehicle) – intervened.

27. Pendik Mostar Bridge location road collapse – stranding (1 service vehicle) – intervention

It was.

28. Kartal Coastal Road in front of İstmarina – ponding (intervention was made)

29.Water drains were intervened in the Sirkeci region.

30.Pendik Yenişehir Neighborhood National Garden was intervened.

31.The flooded pedestrian underpass in Pendik Kavakpınar District was intervened.

32. Water accumulations on the Kurtköy Pendik road were intervened.

33.Clogging drains at many points in Kemerburgaz were intervened.

34. Water was drained from the school building in Gaziosmanpaşa Karadeniz District.

The water accumulation on 35.Karaköy Kemeraltı Street was intervened.

36. Water drains on Karaköy Assembly Mebusan Street were intervened.

37.The flood that occurred in a part of the Galata Bridge Underpass was intervened.

38.The negativities experienced in Fatih Nuriosmaniye and its surroundings were intervened.

39. Floods in and around the Grand Bazaar were intervened.

40.The instant water accumulation in front of Eminönü Istanbul Chamber of Commerce was intervened.

41. Coastal road Samatya underpass was intervened.

42. Hundreds of houses and workplaces in the districts affected by the rain were responded to flood reports.