Praise from the Prince of Monaco to Istanbul and İmamoğlu

Praise for İmamoğlu from the Prince of Monaco
Praise for İmamoğlu from the Prince of Monaco

📩 21/09/2023 11:03

Prince Albert II of Monaco from Istanbul and the President of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğluHe spoke highly of . Addressing İmamoğlu, Albert 2nd said, "You and your team are doing truly remarkable work" and said, "You are making efforts to raise the achievements in sports to the highest possible level. "It is an honor to listen to your projects and experiences," he said.

Prince Albert II of Monaco sent a video message to the World Olympians Forum (WOF) held in Istanbul last weekend. Prince Albert II of Monaco, who is also the Patron of the World Olympians Association and a Member of the International Olympic Committee, directly addressed the President of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in his video message. Ekrem İmamoğluAddressing him, he said, “Mr. İmamoğlu, you and your team are carrying out truly remarkable work. Istanbul is a very valuable city and you are making efforts to maximize sports achievements. "It is an honor to listen to your projects and experiences," he said.


The World Olympians Forum (WOF) took place in Istanbul on 16-17 September 2023. Important names with the "OLY" title, which can only be received by athletes competing in the Olympic Games and carried for life, came together at the Volkswagen Arena in Sarıyer. Prince Albert II of Monaco and International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach spoke highly of Istanbul in their video messages to the forum, and World Olympians Association (WOA) President Joel Bouzou spoke highly of Istanbul in his opening speech. Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu He emphasized this in his speech and said, "No matter how our adventure on the road to Istanbul 2036 turns out, we will continue our intense efforts to be the brightest and most prominent point on the world sports map." And we are very determined in this. "Your presence, especially your acceptance of our invitation to meet in Istanbul and your participation in the event from all over the world, increases our hopes for sports and the Olympics," he said.


Founded in 1999, the World Olympians Association (WOA) is an organization that supports more than 150 thousand athletes who participated in the Olympics and aims to work for their benefit at every stage of their lives. There are more than 5 National Olympian Associations (NOAs) in the world, spread across all 125 continents. Events are organized for Olympians. Projects are carried out that help their local communities. WOA aims to help these national associations assist their Olympic members and spread the spirit of Olympicism in their countries. Creating a range of benefits for Olympians, WOA helps them transition to a life beyond competitive sport after retirement with online university scholarships, mentorships, job placements and life coaching programs. The meeting, hosted by Istanbul on 16-17 September 2023, will be attended by WOA President Joel Bounzou, Olympic champions and many members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).