Park with Pool in Bursa Returns to Its Old Lively Days

Park with Pool in Bursa Returns to Its Old Lively Days
Park with Pool in Bursa Returns to Its Old Lively Days

📩 25/09/2023 13:57

In Bursa, Havuzlu Park, which is one of the cultural memories of the city beyond being a sports facility, is being brought back to the city as a modern facility by the Metropolitan Municipality.

Havuzlu Park, one of the symbols of the city, which was brought to Bursa in 1935 so that international competitions could be held and is the most important stop for the people of Bursa to cool off in the summer months, was transferred to the Metropolitan Municipality by the Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports after remaining idle for a long time. Havuzlu Park, which was covered by the Metropolitan Municipality with a balloon system so that the people of Bursa could use it not only for 3 months but throughout the year, was transferred to Bursaspor in 2011 to bring additional income. Havuzlu Park, which could not be operated efficiently by Bursaspor and the necessary maintenance and repairs could not be carried out, was once again transferred to the Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports. The project prepared by the Metropolitan Municipality to revive the facilities that have been abandoned to their fate for the last 4 years has been accelerated.

Manufacturing continues

Within the scope of the project, which was implemented with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, approximately 30 thousand square meters of area where Havuzlu Park is located is being renovated from scratch. In place of the existing structure, a project was designed with more modern techniques, more functionally suitable, increased user capacity, and at standards where national competitions can be held. The building, with a project construction area of ​​8 thousand 500 square meters, was designed as two blocks. The entrance of the facility will be from the south side of the parcel, like the existing building. Main block; It will consist of administrative units, information desk, waiting-exhibition and foyer area, administrative units where sports activities will be carried out, seminar room, parking lot, restaurant and service units that will serve the park and the facility. On the lower floor of the other block, the sports block, there will be changing rooms, showers, Turkish baths, hot water pools and technical units of outdoor pools. On the pool floor; There will be a fully Olympic outdoor swimming pool in accordance with FINA standards and a semi-Olympic outdoor swimming pool. By increasing the depth of a part of the semi-Olympic pool, it can also be used as a diving pool. A 10-meter jumping platform complying with FINA standards was planned to replace the existing jumping tower. A gym, offices, a multi-purpose hall and a cafeteria were designed to serve at the level of the outdoor pools. While the physical realization of Havuzlu Park, which has a place in the memories of almost every Bursa resident, has reached 50 percent, the project is aimed to be completed in the first half of next year.

Bursa's important value

Reminding that they provide all kinds of support to amateur sports clubs as well as bringing new facilities to the city with the aim of making Bursa a brand city in sports, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that Havuzlu Park is not only a sports facility, but also has an important place in the memories of the people of Bursa. Stating that the deplorable state of these facilities, which are an important value of Bursa, does not suit the city, Mayor Aktaş said, “We have initiated the necessary work to bring Pool Park back to Bursa. It is truly an important facility in the heart of the city. We have prepared a truly modern and privileged project to revive this place. Construction started with the support of our Ministry. "Hopefully, when the work is completed, Havuzlu Park will regain its old lively days," he said.