Lucien Arkas Park Opened in Izmir

Lucien Arkas Park Opened in Izmir
Lucien Arkas Park Opened in Izmir

📩 27/09/2023 14:53

Arkas Holding also brought a touch to the shores of Manda Stream, which turned into a new center of attraction with the rehabilitation work carried out by IZSU General Directorate. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality named businessman Lucien Arkas, who organized an 8 square meter area in the region as a park and donated it to the city, as Mayor. Tunç SoyerHe gave it to the park he opened.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerLucien Arkas Park, which was completed on the banks of the Manda Stream, was opened with a ceremony. It was decided that the park, which was established in an area of ​​8 thousand 900 square meters between the Mistral Towers and Ege Perla, with the contributions of Arkas Holding, would be named after Arkas in 2022 by the unanimous vote of the Metropolitan Municipality Council members. Arkas Holding Chairman of the Board of Directors Lucien Arkas and his wife Merve Arkas also attended the opening of the park.

“I'm glad to have you”

President speaking at the program Tunç Soyer, “I think if everyone in this country did their job, this country would be in a much different place. For example, if business people pay their taxes, they say 'okay, I did my duty'. But there are some business people who continue to feel indebted to that city. He thinks about what more he can do for this city. One of the best examples of this is Lucien Arkas. You really feel like you owe this city. You build museums, you build parks. I'm glad to have you. I wish all business people to carry your conscience and magnanimity. "That's why I thank you very much," he said.
Expressing his gratitude to the Metropolitan Municipality, Arkas Holding Chairman of the Board of Directors Lucien Arkas said, “We can create this green environment thanks to you. Creating this environment gives great pleasure. "I hope that seeing so many works of art in the open air among the buildings and spending time among this beautiful garden and these trees will give pleasure to everyone who comes and sees it," he said. Later, Lucien Arkas and his wife Merve Arkas became President Tunç Soyer He toured the park with him.

Biodiversity supported in its landscape

In the plant design of the park, which was completed in cooperation with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Parks and Gardens Department, drought-resistant, non-intensive maintenance, local and adapted to the nature of the city plant species were preferred, contributing to sustainability.

The park aims to ensure social interaction and integration, clean the air, filter noise and establish climate comfort by creating shaded spaces, while supporting biodiversity.

A recreation area enriched with works of art was offered to the people of Izmir in the park. The Arkas Collection includes seven sculptures by Turkish sculptors Varol Topaç, Selçuk Yılmaz, İlker Yardimci, Ozan Ünal and Malik Bulut, as well as Marino Di Prospera and Agnesa Petrova.