Linear lighting types and uses

Linear lighting types and uses

linear lighting types and uses

Linear luminaire is one of the most modern types of LED lights, which is very popular among designers and decoration designers and has many fans. Although there are many different types of linear lighting on the market, you can make the best purchase based on the needs of the project and learn a little about the components and parts of this useful light.

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Later in this article, we have looked at some creative and attractive ideas for lighting linear fixtures, but first it is better to familiarize yourself with the types of this commonly used light.

Linear lighting types according to application

In general, a lighting source whose light source shines linearly rather than in the shape of a circle or rectangle is called a linear luminaire. Based on this definition of linear luminaire, all types of old fluorescent luminaires are also considered linear luminaires, but in this article we have only mentioned the types of LED linear luminaires that use more advanced systems in their construction, such as modular linear luminaires.

Linear luminaires are generally found in three types in the lighting market: surface mounted, flush mounted and pendant linear luminaire. When buying linear armatures, it is useful to get to know them a little better in order to avoid confusion between their types.

  • Surface-mounted linear lighting: In this case, by attaching a linear luminaire to the ceiling or wall, the entire body of the linear can be seen after installation and is considered a part of the decoration of the place. For this reason, many linear luminaires with special body colors are produced. You can enhance the beauty of your place by using surface linear lighting between wooden or metal curtains. You can double it and use it in places where recessed lighting is not possible or to provide the desired light luxury and height limit. Surface-mounted linear luminaire.
  • 2- Pendant lamp Linear Lighting: Pendant linear fixtures are considered for both decorative lighting and visual beauty of a place with high ceiling height. These lights can be ordered in two models: a one-way pendant linear light and a two-way pendant linear fixture. Two rows of modules are used in two-way pendant lighting, and thus these lights have the feature of illuminating the ceiling (uplight) and the floor (downlight), meaning you can use one pendant lamp at the same time. simultaneously or separately. Provide illumination of the area under the lamp and also create a light line on the ceiling. Generally, two-way pendant linears are used in places with bright ceilings or ceiling elements that create a more beautiful effect with light distribution.
  • 3- Linear recessed lighting: Linear recessed lighting method is the most minimal lighting method in various office, commercial or residential areas. In this lighting method made with a linear luminaire, only the diffuser or cover on the light source of the linear is visible and the body of the linear is completely hidden in the ceiling or wall. Of course, the surface-mounted linear luminaire is available in two types: edgeless linear luminaire and edged linear luminaire.
  • cm appears from its linear body. The presence of this edge in the linear not only facilitates the installation, but also closes the errors of approximately one centimeter when cutting the drywall, and of course, you can create a decorative and beautiful effect in your space by creating color contrast between the edges of the lining. As we have just mentioned, linear and ceiling fixtures are one of the most minimal lighting methods. Now, the light is Imagine how modern and beautiful it can be if only a bright linear luminaire is placed in the space without leaving the slightest trace of its body. .
  • Considering that linear luminaires can be custom-made in the size and type of geometric shapes you want, before purchasing and installing a linear lighting, contact us to get a free consultation about your lighting project and answer your questions. ecowatWe recommend that you contact 's technical experts.