Izocam Leaves Out Street Noise, Heat and Cold!

Izocam Leaves Out Street Noise, Heat and Cold!
Izocam Leaves Out Street Noise, Heat and Cold!

📩 25/09/2023 09:50

Izocam, the founder of the insulation industry in Turkey, has added a new one to its efforts to improve insulation awareness in our country. The leading company, which has been explaining the importance of insulation to the public for years with its famous slogan "Thank you Izocam", has now come to the fore with its new commercial with the message "leave out the noise of the street, the heat and the cold".

Izocam, which has pioneered the Turkish insulation industry for 58 years, is today the industry leader with its 23 percent market share in all insulation products. Since the day it was founded, the company has always taken its place in the ISO top 500 with its product quality, environmentally friendly production, efforts to develop insulation awareness and many years of experience and achievements in many fields, according to the 2015 Brand Finance Report. It is among the 100 most valuable brands of Turkey.

Izocam, the leading brand that has become the name of insulation over the years with its deep-rooted history and wide product range that excludes cold, heat and noise, produces qualified insulation materials for every application area, from floors to facades and roofs, from walls and flooring to installations. Izocam products insulate our living spaces by protecting them from heat and noise, as well as the negative effects of cold. Thanks to Izocam products, heating costs are minimized on cold winter days, while energy consumption due to air conditioning usage is saved during the sweltering summer months. So much so that 80 percent of the energy consumed in buildings is consumed for heating and cooling purposes, and a building with only insulation in accordance with the regulations provides over 60 percent energy savings compared to an uninsulated building. In fact, today it is possible to reduce the energy used in buildings by up to 90 percent with the concept of almost zero energy buildings (nSEB).

The right solutions for the right need

Izocam, which has been the leader of the insulation industry for 58 years thanks to the value it attaches to innovation and R&D, continues to offer more economical and higher thermal comfort products to the market with the aim of developing the right solution for the right need.

İzocam's Manto İzopor Plus product is produced specifically for plastered exterior insulation systems in accordance with TS EN 13499. Manto İzopor Plus, a carbon-added expanded polystyrene sheet, is among İzocam's master-friendly products with its lightness and easy application feature, as well as high thermal insulation.

Kalibel, Izocam's professional heat and sound insulation solution that combines glass wool and plasterboard, is preferred in all buildings, especially hospitals, schools and residences, thanks to its easy and fast application advantage. Izocam Kalibel, a composite product consisting of glass wool board covered with plasterboard on one side, is used for sound and heat insulation on the inner surfaces of external walls, internal partitions and adjacent walls, walls adjacent to staircases and elevator shafts, and for internal cladding of wooden frame structures. With Kalibel, which allows the application of both mineral wool and plasterboard at the same time, on-site application time is shortened and productivity in the workforce increases.

Izocam Glasswool Roof Mat is used on flooring in unused attics, between rafters in used attics, in horizontal applications that do not bear any load, and on metal and sandwich roofs. Izocam Glasswool Roof Mat, which stands out with its high thermal insulation, fire safety and sound insulation, draws attention with its production in different sizes, lightness and easy application.

Izocam Foamboard is also preferred in buildings with terrace roofs in the southern parts of Turkey, especially in provinces with very hot summers. Providing thermal insulation with its high compressive strength, Izocam Foamboard provides the comfort conditions needed by building occupants with minimum energy costs, with its easy application, light weight and water-repellent properties.