A Test Drive of the Nostalgic Tram was Held in Gölbaşı

Gölbaşı Mayor Şimşek Took a Tram Tour
Gölbaşı Mayor Şimşek Took a Tram Tour

📩 20/09/2023 15:49

Nostalgic Tram, which is one of Gölbaşı Mayor Ramazan Şimşek's projects within the scope of the Great Gölbaşı Center Project and is expected to make a significant contribution to local tradesmen, was lowered onto the rails for test runs before the expected time, following Mayor Şimşek's announcement that it will be put into service in a short time; Mayor Ramazan Şimşek carried out the first test drive on Universities Avenue. On September 19, Gölbaşı Mayor Ramazan Şimşek carried out the first full route test drive of the Nostalgic Tram. The tram, which started from Universiteler Street, reached Ataturk Beach Park via the route of Cumhuriyet Street, Cemal Gürsel Street and Ankara Street. Greeting the citizens during the ride, Mayor Şimşek thanked the citizens for their interest in the tram.

Contribution to Local Artisans

Mayor Şimşek pointed out that transportation alternatives have increased with the entry into service of the tram line and said, "We will bring comfortable and practical transportation to the people of Gölbaşı and contribute to Gölbaşı tourism with the nostalgic tram." said. Mayor Şimşek continued, "Our aim is to make the name of Gölbaşı known, to contribute to Gölbaşı tradesmen, and to bring together our university students and tradesmen." He continued:

Expressing that Ankara University, Hacı Bayram Veli University and the technoparks of these universities will be connected to the city square, Mayor Şimşek stated that students and employees will be able to reach the coastline easily and that the tradesmen will also benefit.

President Şimşek stated that the nostalgic tram will serve the public free of charge and said:

“The route consists of a total of 8 stations and has a line length of 3,1 kilometers. It consists of a total of 2 kilometers with 6,2 trams. The tram has a speed of 18 kilometers per hour, takes 22 minutes for one tour, and lasts 15 hours on a single charge. There is also a solar energy system on the nostalgic tram, which consists entirely of green energy. Along with the Taksim model trams, which have a bicycle transportation system in front, the tram line also connects the lines on the bicycle path. In this way, we aim to reduce traffic and enable citizens to contribute to zero emissions by driving less.”

Universities, District Governorship, Courthouse, Land Registry, Tax Office, Oral and Dental Health Center, Health Center, schools, Central Square within the scope of Büyük Gölbaşı Center Project, Gendarmerie and Municipality Building are located on the tram line. With this line, it is also aimed for the citizens to reach public services in the easiest way with free transportation.