'Let Friends Remember Me' Exhibition at GastroANTEP Festival

'Let Friends Remember Me' Exhibition at GastroANTEP Festival
'Let Friends Remember Me' Exhibition at GastroANTEP Festival

📩 20/09/2023 13:46

At the GastroANTEP Culture Road Festival, organized in cooperation with Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the life and art of Aşık Veysel is commemorated with a comprehensive exhibition titled "Let Friends Remember Me".

In addition to many exhibitions within the scope of the GastroANTEP Culture Road Festival events, in this exhibition commemorating the "50th Anniversary of the Death of Aşık Veysel", the instrument instructors of the Barrier-Free Life Center welcome the visitors by performing the folk songs of Aşık Veysel with their instruments, words and their hearts.

Oduncu: We are introducing Aşık Veysel to people

23-year-old visually impaired Oğuz Oduncu, an instrument instructor at the Barrier-Free Life Center, expressed his satisfaction with taking part in this project and said, “First of all, the festival in general is very good. It also made me happy that the exhibition was brought into this organization. We come here and play. We are introducing Aşık Veysel to people. We are trying to keep it alive, in a way. "I would also like to thank the Metropolitan Municipality for this work," he said.

Instrument instructor Yunus Ercan stated that he was happy that the Aşık tradition was not forgotten and said, “I was very fortunate to have the exhibition of our fateful friend Aşık Veysel in a city with a high cultural immunity. "Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin deserves the biggest thanks in this regard," he said.

On the other hand, the book 'Aşık Veysel in the Press', prepared in 'Braille' alphabet for the visually impaired by Nazender Süzer Gökçe and Gürsel Gökçe, is among the works exhibited.