EKPSS Course Registrations Started in Diyarbakır

EKPSS Course Registrations Started in Diyarbakır
EKPSS Course Registrations Started in Diyarbakır

📩 19/09/2023 13:57

Registration for the "Disabled Public Personnel Selection Examination" (EKPSS) course, which will be opened by Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality for disabled citizens with secondary education associate and undergraduate degrees, has started.

In addition to contributing to the social lives of disabled individuals, the Metropolitan Municipality also supports their education.

Registration has started for the 2023-2024 academic year in the EKPSS course, which continues its activities under the Department of Social Services, Disabled and Elderly Services Branch Directorate.

In the course, which will benefit the orthopedically disabled, mildly mentally disabled, visually impaired and disabled people with chronic diseases, expert instructors will be provided by the Public Education Center on Turkish, Mathematics, Geography, History, Constitution, Atatürk's Principles and Revolutions, Turkish Geography, Culture and Civilizations, Basic Citizenship and He will provide training on current issues.

In addition to the EKPSS course, the Disabled and Elderly Branch Directorate will also provide training in folk dances, leather processing, wood painting, voice training, guitar, drama, baglama, spreadsheet making and crocheting, which will enable disabled individuals to engage in social activities.

In the course, disabled individuals will be divided into groups, taking into account their physical and mental conditions.

Applications to Sümerpark Disabled Support Center and Active Life Center will end on Friday, September 29.