Earthquake Seminar in 12 Cities by Japanese Expert

Japanese Earthquake Expert Yoshinori Moriwaki Will Give an Earthquake Seminar in the Province
Japanese Earthquake Expert Yoshinori Moriwaki Will Give an Earthquake Seminar in the Province

📩 26/09/2023 11:50

The seminars to be given by KYK Construction Chemicals, which started a new era with the motto "We Stand Up Together Again", in cities in the earthquake zone, begin with Japanese Earthquake Expert Yoshinori Moriwaki.

Earthquake seminars, organized by Japanese earthquake expert, master architect and civil engineer Yoshinori Moriwaki, under the leadership of KYK Yapı Kimyasalları, are starting. Moriwaki will carry out earthquake awareness activities in Hatay, İskenderun, Adana, Osmaniye, Kahramanmaraş, Elbistan, Gaziantep, Adıyaman, Diyarbakır, Malatya, Elazığ and Erzincan provinces and districts between 28 September and 29 November 2023, with earthquake information meetings to be held in Turkey's earthquake regions. .

In the seminars given by Moriwaki, topics such as the causes of earthquakes, their effects, methods of mitigating their damages, building strengthening methods and practices, and what to do during and after the earthquake will be discussed. The seminars will also provide information about earthquake management and disaster response systems implemented in Japan.

Earthquake resistant building is very important!

Earthquake is a serious problem that threatens many regions in Turkey. KYK Construction Chemicals also conveys its expertise in strengthening buildings against earthquakes to companies and industry professionals in earthquake-risk regions. In order for buildings to provide adequate safety in the event of an earthquake, they must be designed and built in accordance with the regulations, and existing structures must be strengthened using appropriate techniques and the right materials. Different techniques are used in reinforcement works, such as reinforcement with reinforced concrete, steel and carbon fiber. Reinforcement with carbon fiber, one of the techniques that has come to the fore recently due to earthquakes, saves space and time compared to other reinforcement methods. It is frequently preferred in reinforcement works due to its ease of use, lightness, not adding additional loads to the structure and providing high structural strength.