Don't Wait to Be Sick to Take Care of Your Heart Health!

Don't Wait to Be Sick to Take Care of Your Heart Health!
Don't Wait to Be Sick to Take Care of Your Heart Health!

📩 29/09/2023 13:17

Near East University Hospital Cardiology Department Head Prof. Dr. Hamza Duygu made special warnings for "29 September World Heart Day": The main target in the fight against cardiovascular diseases is obesity, hypertension and smoking!

Cardiovascular diseases stand out as the most common cause of death not only in Turkey and TRNC but also worldwide. Near East University Hospital Cardiology Department Head Prof. Dr. Hamza Duygu shared important information about cardiovascular diseases on September 29, World Heart Day, which aims to draw attention to cardiovascular diseases worldwide and increase social awareness.

World Health Organization; Prof. emphasized that he expressed his opinion that the incidence of cardiovascular diseases can be halved by controlling blood pressure, obesity, cholesterol and smoking. Dr. Hamza Duygu stated that preventive medicine has a very important role in reducing deaths caused by cardiovascular diseases. Reminding that cardiovascular diseases depend on more than one factor, Prof. Dr. Duygu said, “There are risk factors that are known to increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and are accepted to be effective in every society. To minimize these risk factors; "It is extremely important not to smoke, to eat healthy, to exercise regularly for at least half an hour a day and five days a week, to have a normal sugar metabolism and to avoid excessive stress," he said.

The main targets in the fight against cardiovascular diseases are obesity, hypertension and smoking!

Stating that age, gender and genetic characteristics are unchangeable risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, Prof. Dr. Hamza Duygu said that smoking, unhealthy eating habits, excessive alcohol, sedentary life, obesity, high blood fats, high blood pressure and blood sugar are correctable risk factors. Prof. Dr. Hamza Duygu said, “Especially correctable risk factors form the basis of the strategy to prevent cardiovascular diseases. "Obesity, hypertension and smoking, which are the three leading risk factors, should be the main target in the fight against cardiovascular diseases," he said.

Even passive smoking is extremely harmful for cardiovascular health...

Prof. makes suggestions for cardiovascular health. Dr. Hamza Duygu stated that first of all, cigarette smoke should be avoided. cigarette; Prof. said that it constricts the heart vessels and destroys the thin, useful coating that covers them. Dr. Hamza Duygu stated that smoking also facilitates blood clotting. Prof. warns that smoking or exposure to smoke causes arteriosclerosis, causing heart attack, stroke and blockages in the leg veins. Dr. Hamza Duygu said, "Passive smoking, as well as active smoking, is extremely harmful to cardiovascular health."

Watch out for 'silent killer' hypertension and diabetes!

Prof. stated that combating hypertension, which is called the "silent killer", lifestyle changes and regular use of blood pressure medication are vital to prevent heart attack, aortic rupture, cerebral hemorrhage and aortic enlargement. Dr. Hamza Duygu noted that blood sugar should be kept within normal limits. Prof. Dr. Hamza Duygu said, “If you have diabetes, it is important to be meticulous about starting appropriate treatment along with diet and weight control. "In addition to diet and exercise to combat high cholesterol, do not hesitate to use medication when your doctor deems it necessary," he warned.

Embrace Mediterranean cuisine!

Prof. said that people should adopt Mediterranean cuisine as their diet. Dr. Hamza Duygu also gave nutritional suggestions. Rich in vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains and nuts; Emphasizing that eating habits where olive oil is used as essential oil, fish is preferred over red meat, and there are no ready-made and packaged foods are important for heart health, Prof. Head of the Cardiology Department of Near East University Hospital. Dr. Hamza Duygu also touched upon the need to adopt an active lifestyle, saying, "Let's stay away from elevators and escalators."

Recommendations for cardiovascular health!

Prof. Dr. Hamza Duygu listed his suggestions to protect against cardiovascular diseases.

  • Remove obstacles to a restful sleep and go to bed at the same time every evening and get 7 to 8 hours of sleep.
  • Maintain your low weight
  • Do not sit still for hours
  • Make sure to keep your body mass index below 25 by eating a balanced diet and exercising.
  • Being full of pessimism, skepticism and hostility tires the heart, ages the veins and shortens life. Stay away from these!
  • Stay away from stressful situations as much as possible and find ways to cope with stress.
  • Having a good circle of friends and often having a good time sohbetHeart disease and cancer are less common in participants. Always keep this in mind!
  • Do not consume too much salt, stay away from ready-made foods
  • Stay away from excessive alcohol consumption!
  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day
  • Use medication under doctor's supervision, do not take medication randomly.