Accessible Beach in Antalya Became the Favorite of Disabled Tourists

Accessible Beach in Antalya Became the Favorite of Disabled Tourists
Accessible Beach in Antalya Became the Favorite of Disabled Tourists

📩 26/09/2023 15:21

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Accessible Beach, located on Konyaaltı Beach, has also become a favorite of disabled tourists. Local and foreign holidaymakers gave full marks to the service they received from the beach.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality's Barrier-Free Beach continues to host local and foreign guests. Providing service on Konyaaltı Beach, Barrier-Free Beach is the choice of local and foreign disabled individuals who come to the city on holiday, as well as the people of Antalya. Those who enjoy their holiday at Barrier-Free Beach are happy to have easy access to the sea.


Disabled individuals can easily access the sea via the beach elevator system or special ramp platforms with the help of lifeguards and staff. In this way, disabled individuals, who can easily reach the sea, enjoy the cool waters of the Mediterranean. Barrier-Free Beach also allows foreign guests to spend their holidays happily.


Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Social Services Department Disabled Services Branch Manager Fatin Iltar stated that they are extremely happy with the attention the barrier-free beach has received and said, “Disabled people come to our beach from all over the world. Visiting tourists are also very satisfied with the service. "As of September, we provide service to around 1500 disabled people on weekends, ensuring that they are happy, too," he said.


Durali and Yasemin Tunç couple, who came from Germany for holiday, stated that they went swimming at Engeliz Beach without fear. Stating that they were greeted with a smiling face at the entrance of the beach, the Tunç couple said, “We liked the Metropolitan Municipality's consideration of disabled individuals and this sensitivity. The employees always greet you with a smile. We go into the sea without fear, and having lifeguards nearby gives us confidence. We feel there is a positive energy at the beach and we often come and stay for hours. Our president who contributed Muhittin BöcekWe thank him”.