Automatic Gas Cutting Detectors Should Be Used in Kitchens

Automatic Gas Cutting Detectors Should Be Used in Kitchens
Automatic Gas Cutting Detectors Should Be Used in Kitchens

📩 29/09/2023 14:16

Deputy Dean of Üsküdar University Faculty of Health Sciences, Occupational Health and Safety Specialist. Dr. Lecturer Member Nuri Bingöl evaluated the natural gas explosions that caused the death of 3 people in Istanbul yesterday and one person in Ankara today.

Deputy Dean of Üsküdar University Faculty of Health Sciences, Occupational Health and Safety Specialist. Dr. Lecturer Member Nuri Bingöl stated that in order for natural gas to explode, it must accumulate in large quantities to reach its explosion limits and said:

“Since natural gas is a methane-based gas, it reaches the explosion limit between 5 percent and 15 percent. This means that there has been an accumulation exceeding 5 percent. Indoor environment and window not open. It could be a spark that occurred while turning the electricity on or off, or it could be an intervention with fire, such as striking a match or smoking. "I think an explosion occurred when we met one of these."

“Neglect is always at the forefront”

Dr. also gave information about what might cause explosions. Bingöl continued as follows:

“Neglect always comes to the fore, but there is a lot of work to be done before negligence occurs. There are things natural gas users need to do and precautions they can take. If you forget the stove on, the kettle will overflow, and if it turns off the stove by itself, a natural gas leak will occur. Natural gas is an odorless gas and is scented so that it can be detected when it leaks. It is scented so that its scent can be felt. You feel it when there is a leak in your home. However, we should not use anything igniting when you smell it. "When you go and try to turn on the lamp, an electric spark behind the lamp can cause ignition."

“We do not take precautions because it is not necessary”

Dr. Nuri Bingöl also explained what to do in case of leakage:

“When we feel leaks, methods such as opening the window, ventilating the house, turning off any gas that is left on, opening the doors if there is a leak, and creating a draft can be followed. There are also simpler measures. For example, there are detectors. These detectors are automatic gas cut-off. İGDAŞ requires their use in industry. If you are going to open a restaurant, when you apply to İGDAŞ, they ask you for a detector. Therefore, these are the measures that can be taken. We must take these measures voluntarily, that is, most of us do not take them because they are not mandatory. But we need to buy things that are not too costly. "When these are taken, we can prevent such incidents."

"Users need to be conscious"

Occupational Health and Safety Expert. Dr. Lecturer Member Nuri Bingöl pointed out that it takes time for users to become aware and said, "It has a destructive effect like dynamite or a hand grenade." said.

Dr. stated that if there is ignition, an explosion occurs. Bingöl concluded his words as follows:

“We are not saying that natural gas is stuck, natural gas cannot be compressed, and even if it is compressed, it will not explode. This is not a pressurized event like bottled gas. We call the atmosphere formed as a result of accumulation explosive atmosphere or explosive environment. Therefore, this is not called a natural gas jam, but an explosive atmosphere explosion. They explode to create a pressure of approximately 10 atmospheres. "It has a destructive effect, like dynamite, like a grenade... We call them explosives."

“We do not know how we should use natural gas”

Üsküdar University Occupational Health and Safety Department Head Dr. Lecturer Member Rüştü Uçan also evaluated the natural gas explosions. Dr. Uçan pointed out that natural gas should be used as energy and said, “But this gas is a dangerous gas, it has great energy. Natural gas is lighter than air and can accumulate above. "When it is more than 5 percent, any igniter creates a small spark explosion due to reasons such as turning on the light or turning off the light, opening the refrigerator, receiving a call on the mobile phone." he said.

“There should be detectors in kitchens!”

Stating that the walls collapsed in the explosion in Istanbul, Dr. Rüştü Uçan said:

“We do not know how we should use natural gas. Natural gas is an odorless gas, but it gives off a smell like spoiled eggs. It is possible to understand from this smell. But there is a situation like this: we do not know the condition of that house. What a leak. It is a time when returning from summer houses is very common. During these periods, houses remain closed for a long time. If there is a leak from the stove at home or something, these accumulations may also occur. Therefore, if we are leaving home for any length of time, it would be beneficial to turn off the natural gas valve and leave. And we definitely use it a lot, especially in kitchens. There should be detectors in kitchens. The price is also affordable. “We need to use them.”