Atatürk Addressed the Turkish People with Artificial Intelligence Technology

Atatürk Addressed the Turkish People with Artificial Intelligence Technology
Atatürk Addressed the Turkish People with Artificial Intelligence Technology

📩 27/09/2023 13:53

Teknosa, the leading brand of technology retailing and e-commerce in Turkey, celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Republic with artificial intelligence technology. Celebrating Ataturk's voice and words.

Teknosa, one of Sabancı Holding subsidiaries, announced the "The greatest gift in the second century: The Republic of Turkey" project, which was launched within the scope of the 100th anniversary celebrations of the Republic, at a special night at Pera Palace Hotel.

The night, attended by Sabancı Holding Digital Group President and Teknosa Chairman Max Speur, Teknosa General Manager Sitare Sezgin, Executive Board members, Sabancı Holding and Teknosa employees and members of the press, witnessed a unique experience.

At the night hosted by Toprak Sergen, many of Atatürk's words that guided the Turkish nation, especially his words in the Speech, were presented to the guests in his own voice in a historical flow. In the study prepared by 4129Grey with 'Generative AI' artificial intelligence technology, Atatürk's sound waves also turned into forms that form his silhouette. In addition, within the scope of the project, some of Atatürk's famous words will be voiced in French and English.

Teknosa General Manager Sitare Sezgin stated that they continue to work with greater excitement and enthusiasm than ever on the 100th anniversary of the Republic and added:

As a company operating with the mission of "We exist to bring happy moments to everyone by bringing the world's technology together", we are proud to present our Ata's valuable words to our people, again from our Ata's voice, with the opportunities provided by technology. It is inspiring to hear Atatürk's words that unite us all in his own voice. Technology offers us unlimited options to leave a more livable, sustainable and beautiful future to future generations. At the same time, we know that technology plays a decisive role in shaping a more equal future. With this awareness, we aim to increase women's digital literacy and enable them to participate more in economic and social life with our Technology for Women project, which we have been carrying out together with Habitat Association for 16 years and have touched the lives of more than 26 thousand women to date. “We will continue to produce in the light of Republic values ​​and create more value for all our stakeholders, our industry and our country.”