ASELSAN Will Exhibit Its New Systems at TEKNOFEST Izmir

ASELSAN Will Exhibit Its New Systems at TEKNOFEST Izmir
ASELSAN Will Exhibit Its New Systems at TEKNOFEST Izmir

📩 24/09/2023 12:41

Turkey's technology leader ASELSAN will introduce its twenty new systems that make a difference in the field of defense to young people at the Izmir stop of TEKNOFEST, the world's largest Aviation, Space and Technology Festival.

TEKNOFEST, organized with the motto "A festival that keeps its feet on the ground", will open its doors to technology enthusiasts in Izmir between 27 September and 1 October, after Istanbul and Ankara. ASELSAN will host its visitors in a 3 square meter stand area at TEKNOFEST Izmir, which will be held at Çiğli Airport under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the T300 Foundation.

During the five-day festival in Izmir, aviation demonstrations, award ceremonies, simulation areas, educational workshops, stage shows; It will give young people a full technology adventure.

Twenty National System Will Be Showcased

Domestic systems developed with the power of original engineering will also be exhibited at the ASELSAN stand. In this context, at TEKNOFEST Izmir, Murad Combat Aircraft Nose Radar, Fighter Helmet Integrated Control Unit, Toygun Electro Optical Sensor System, Karat Infrared Search and Tracking System, Tolun Guidance Kit, Caretta Anti GNSS, AselFlir-600 Electro-Optical Sensor System, Ertuğrul Bomba. Twenty ASELSAN systems, including the Destruction Robot, Aslan Unmanned Ground Vehicle, Deringöz Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, Zoka Acoustic Torpedo Countermeasure System, GÜRZ Air Defense System, HİSAR A+ Missile Launching System, will be showcased.

ASELSAN Will Provide Security

The security of TEKNOFEST Izmir will be ensured by ASELSAN's national solutions. The entire festival area will be monitored with forty security cameras developed by ASELSAN with national resources. Images taken from the cameras will be transferred to TEKNOFEST Coordination Office. ARIN X-Ray Device developed by ASELSAN will serve at the protocol entrance gate of TEKNOFEST.

An Unforgettable Space Journey

Tekno Adventure, the social responsibility project implemented by ASELSAN, will meet with children at TEKNOFEST Izmir. Tekno Adventure, the long-term social responsibility project initiated by ASELSAN for children who are curious about science and technology, will give children an unforgettable experience during TEKNOFEST Izmir. Tekno Adventure, one of the most visited activity areas by children at TEKNOFEST, will be a favorite of children. Children will have an unforgettable experience in the Astronaut Suit Design Workshop, Solar Space Station and Mars Spacecraft Design Workshop in the Techno Adventure Experience Area. TEKNOFEST children will go on a space journey in the ASELSAN spacecraft simulation room, which will take place with the slogan Mission 2023 and A Space Journey.

There will also be fierce competitions among young minds who will come from all over Turkey and share the excitement of TEKNOFEST. Within the scope of TEKNOFEST Entrepreneurship Competitions, startup competitions will be held on Health and Wellness Technologies, Environment, Energy and Climate Technologies, Disaster Management Technologies and Barrier-Free Living Technologies. Five ASELSAN employees will serve as jury members in the Entrepreneurship Competitions.

Inspiration to Youth, Trust in the Future

Offering confidence in the future while inspiring the youth, ASELSAN offers the Entrepreneurship Center where early stage startups are supported, the a-Talent Program where more than 200 students can work as candidate engineers per year, the Graduate a-Talent that offers employment opportunities to researchers, and the a-Future Internship that allows students to reinforce their knowledge. He will tell the youth of TEKNOFEST in Izmir about his program, ASELSAN Academy, which gives employees the chance to get a master's degree, and ASELSAN MTAL, which accepts students from the 1 percent success bracket.