2023 Turkish Baja Championship Starts from Bursa

Baja Championship Starts from Bursa
Baja Championship Starts from Bursa

📩 26/09/2023 15:07

Baja Recital, the first race of the 4 Turkish Baja Championship, consisting of a total of 2023 races, will be organized by Bursa Alternative Sports Sports Club (BASK) between 29-30 September - 1 October in Bursa, under the main sponsorship of ICRYPEX and with the support of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality.

In the race, which will start with a ceremonial start in front of Sur Yapı Marka AVM at 29:2023 on Friday, September 16, 00, sports fans will have the chance to watch a competition where the pleasure of watching and high dose of excitement is at its peak in the struggle of 4×4 off-road vehicles. In the Baja Recital, where endurance and adrenaline come to the fore, racers compete for a challenging 120 km at altitudes ranging from 1000 meters to 220 meters. They will sweat on long special stages. The service area of ​​the race, which can be watched from the spectator area to be established in Muradiyesarnıç neighborhood of Kemalpaşa district on Saturday and Sunday, will be in Mustafakemalpaşa Municipality Square.

Following the BASK spectator stage, which will start from the Dağyenice pond region, one of Bursa's natural wonders, at 29 on Friday, September 16.30, the Adventureist stage in the Muradiyesarnıç region of Kemalpaşa district will be passed twice on Saturday, September 30. The organization, which will continue with the BAV-ISUZU special stage in the Karapınar region on Sunday, October 01, will end in front of the Aloft Hotel at 16.45 on the same day.