2nd Rail Industry Show Fair Started in Eskişehir

Rail Industry Show Fair Started in Eskişehir
Rail Industry Show Fair Started in Eskişehir

📩 19/09/2023 14:59

Eskişehir, which is a railway city, wants to increase its potential in rail systems. In this context, the 2023nd Rail Industry Show will be held in September 2; Rail Systems Infrastructure and Technologies Fair was held. More than 60 participants from home and abroad operating in the rail systems sector attended the fair.

Eskişehir OSB Chairman of the Board Nadir Küpeli, in his speech at the opening ceremony of the fair, reminded that Eskişehir's industrial history started with the maintenance and repair workshops established during the construction of the Anatolian-Baghdad railway line in 1894, and said, "This workshop, which was established in 1894 under the name of Anatolian-Ottoman Company, is nowadays TÜRASAŞ continues its activities as. TÜRASAŞ has served as a school in the industrial history of rail systems, which has reached 129. "It has enabled the training of qualified people who helped establish many well-established industrial enterprises in Eskişehir today," he said.

Küpeli stated that, as Eskişehir OIZ Directorate, they carry out activities for the development of the sector and said: “We divided the Hasanbey Logistics Center into two in the south and north, and reserved the right side of our railway connection for rail systems. By completing the development plans in this region, we will start allocating land to institutions that will work on rail systems. We are working with all our strength to realize the 100 million dollar smart wagon investment that Erciyas Holding, one of the important organizations of our country, will make in Eskişehir. Although the process has taken a little longer due to four bureaucratic and legal reasons, we will reach the point of laying the foundation of this important facility as soon as possible. "We will see together in a few years that Eskişehir has become the most important production center of our country in the rail systems sector again, with the wide production ecosystem that will be created by new sub-industry investments and new investments that will follow this important investment."

According to the Ministry's 2053 vision, Küpeli will increase the share of passenger transportation on railways from 30 percent to 1 percent, its share in freight transportation from 6 percent to 5 percent, the annual freight amount from 22 million tons to 38 million tons, and a high-speed train connection in the next 448 years. He stated that the number of provinces will increase from 8 to 52 and the total railway length will reach 28 thousand 600 kilometers. Pointing out that 30 billion Euros will be spent only on railway investments in 64 years, Küpeli said that the national industry should benefit from these resources to the maximum extent.

Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce President Metin Güler stated that the rail systems sector is a sector with a future and emphasized that its trade volume in the world has reached an average of 460 billion dollars. Stating that Eskişehir is a city that produces advanced technology, Güler underlined that the companies in the city should evaluate the potential in the world and in our country and make more investments in this field.

Talking about the work carried out to increase Eskişehir's potential in the rail systems sector, Küpeli and Güler emphasized that with the increase in investments in this field, Eskişehir will again become Turkey's most important rail systems production center.

The main factors evaluating Eskişehir's potential in the rail systems sector are:

  • Eskişehir is one of the most important railway centers in Turkey.
  • Eskişehir has a highly qualified workforce.
  • Eskişehir hosts important rail systems manufacturers such as TÜRASAŞ.
  • Eskişehir is the export center of Turkey.

It is expected that Eskişehir will reach an important position in the rail systems sector with the work carried out by taking these factors into consideration.