Özdere Youth and Sports Campus Became the Favorite of Young Athletes

Özdere Youth and Sports Campus Became the Favorite of Young Athletes
Özdere Youth and Sports Campus Became the Favorite of Young Athletes

📩 20/09/2023 11:33

Özdere Youth and Sports Campus, which Izmir Metropolitan Municipality presented to young people on the 100th anniversary of the Republic, was greatly appreciated for its features. Young people were amazed by both the gyms and activity and camping areas in the facility, which provides service in an area where nature and the sea are intertwined. The athletes and coaches who played their first matches on the fields commented, "It is a facility of European standards."

Özdere 40th Year Youth and Sports Campus, established by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality on a 100-decare area by the sea in Özdere District of Menderes, impressed its guests. The facility received full marks from athletes and coaches. Saying that he liked the campus very much, licensed volleyball player and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports Club player Derin Erengül said, “It is a very nice facility. We played our first match. The field and its facilities are very productive for us athletes. This sports campus in Izmir is a great luxury. our president Tunç Soyer"I would like to thank for the support given to the athletes," he said.

A facility at European standards

Stating that they came to the tournament with a mixed team from amateur sports clubs in Çiğli, Egekent Youth Sports Club Coach Mesut Bekdaş said, “It is an excellent facility. It is very nice to have a volleyball and basketball court, as well as a beach and a place to stay. It has become a place completely up to European standards. There are very few such facilities in Turkey. I'm sure many teams from outside the city will choose this place and organize tournaments. "I would like to thank our President Tunç for initiating this," he said.

We are very lucky as Izmir

Çayan Çapakçur, one of the coaches of Harmandalı Sports Club, said: “It was an incredibly beautiful facility. Not only Izmir but also Turkey needed such facilities. As Izmir, we are very lucky. Providing service not only in one branch but in many branches is very valuable in terms of encouraging children to do sports. The field, ground and accommodation facilities are very nice. Such facilities should be made more widespread. Because, as amateur sports clubs, we do not have these opportunities,” he said.

Camping center by the sea

Rota College Volleyball Coach Berkant Çakır said, “Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was already providing us with constant support in terms of facilities. It is very valuable for us athletes to realize such a facility. It is both close to the sea and has a camping centre. "We would like to thank everyone who contributed," he said.