Precautions to be Taken Against Headaches in Summer Heat

Precautions to be Taken Against Headaches in Summer Heat
Precautions to be Taken Against Headaches in Summer Heat

📩 04/07/2023 11:53

From Memorial Antalya Hospital, Department of Neurology, Uz. Dr. Özden Yener Çakmak made suggestions about the precautions that can be taken against headaches caused by hot weather.

Climate changes are among the most important triggers for headaches. According to scientific studies, the rate of applying to a doctor with migraine complaints increases in the summer months. Heat, thirst, bright light and relatively less sleep can increase migraine attacks in summer. In this case, controlling the air temperature in the environment and applying appropriate treatment methods can prevent headaches triggered in the summer season.

Expressing that it is necessary to find the cause of the headache, Uz. Dr. Özden Yener Çakmak said, “Headache, especially seen in adults, can affect the life of most of the society at certain stages, and it can continue for some people throughout their lives. Sometimes it is a symptom of a disease or a condition that accompanies the disease, but often it can reach unbearable dimensions as a discomfort in itself. It is an important factor for the effectiveness of the treatment to be applied to the patient to examine the headaches in different groups according to the complaint instead of collecting them under a single heading. said.

From Memorial Antalya Hospital, Department of Neurology, Uz. Dr. Özden Yener Çakmak said that light sensitivity indicates migraine. Cakmak continued:

“In addition to the "migraine" type headaches, which are mostly common among women; Tension headache is a common type of headache. The distinctive feature of migraine headache is that the pain is usually unilateral and throbbing. In addition, light sensitivity and nausea accompanying migraine headache are among the distinguishing features of the pain. On the other hand, in tension-type headaches, one of the biggest complaints of patients is mild-to-moderate pain that surrounds the entire head.

Seasonal changes are effective on headaches. In the summer months, an increase in headache complaints is observed with the increase in temperature. People with chronic pain often don't even realize it. However, scientific studies show that headaches increase with the enlargement of the veins in hot weather. On the other hand, it is known that lodos triggers migraine. In addition, the increased use of air conditioners due to the heat is another factor that negatively affects the pain. Being in an air-conditioned environment for a long time can trigger headaches. ”

Noting that the treatment of headaches that increase with the summer period differs according to the type of pain, Çakmak said, “Therefore, it is of great importance to determine the type of pain before deciding on the type of treatment. While drugs for the treatment of depression may be beneficial in tension-type headache; The first step in the treatment of migraine is to avoid the triggers of the disease as much as possible. It is necessary to take precautions against seasonal changes with regular sleep, healthy diet and regular exercises. If the attacks are frequent despite careful attention to these, the patient is given medication to reduce the frequency of attacks. he said.

Mentioning that the treatment should not be interrupted, Uz. Dr. Özden Yener Çakmak, “There are many drugs that can be used in the treatment of migraine. These medications may need to be tried in sequence. At this point, it is very important for patients to continue their treatment patiently and to stay in constant contact with their doctors in order to achieve success in treatment. Many people who have been diagnosed with migraine, because of the treatments left unfinished, think that the disease cannot be cured. It is of great importance to continue the treatment as recommended by the neurologist. ” he used the phrase.

Çakmak listed the following suggestions against the risk of headaches in the summer heat:

  • Protect yourself and your head during the hottest hours when the sun is high. Be careful not to stay outside too much during these hours.
  • Use a hat or umbrella when you have to go out in the sun.
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes. Be careful not to move from a very hot environment to an air-conditioned cold environment.
  • Do not be directly exposed to the cold air from the air conditioner.
  • Increase the consumption of cooling liquids such as water and cold buttermilk.
  • Remember that alcohol consumption in very hot temperatures will trigger headaches.