Nutrition Advice for Summer Pregnants! Beware of These Common Mistakes

Nutrition Advice for Summer Pregnants! Beware of These Common Mistakes
Nutrition Advice for Summer Pregnants! Beware of These Common Mistakes

During pregnancy, expectant mothers may go to extremes with thoughts such as 'I need to eat a lot for my baby to develop well', 'Now I have to eat for two because I am two living things'. Acıbadem Fulya Hospital Nutrition and Diet Specialist Eda Honca says that adding seasonal factors to this in summer can increase the risk in terms of both weight gain and food poisoning. So, what should expectant mothers pay attention to in summer nutrition, what mistakes should they avoid? Nutrition and Diet Specialist Eda Honca listed 10 nutrition recommendations for summer pregnant women and gave important warnings.

Pay attention to the cold chain!

Pay attention to the special conditions of the product when it is necessary to carry food and beverages in the vehicle during summer travel. If a cold environment is not provided, spoilage in products such as milk and meat can lead to food poisoning. Do not consume cold foods such as olive oil, salad, milk dessert and cake in hotels and restaurants if they are not kept cold or even stored.

Get frozen products last

Buy frozen products at the end of your shopping, especially perishable foods such as meat, chicken and fish. If it is not going to be consumed immediately, bring the frozen products home without thawing and place them in the freezer. Do not refreeze the thawed product. Thaw frozen products in the refrigerator or microwave.

Be sure to consume these foods hot!

Make sure that pre-cooked meat, chicken and fish dishes containing high protein are kept warm before serving. Definitely avoid foods that are not hot.

Don't be fooled by the lure of pastry

Pastries such as bagels, börek, pastries and cakes and white bread stand out with their appetizing tastes, both for holiday breakfasts and picnics in summer, but beware! Excessive consumption of such carbohydrate-containing foods both harms health and causes unnecessary weight gain.

Do not skip meals

Stating that the blood sugar level tends to decrease during pregnancy, Nutrition and Diet Specialist Eda Honca said, “If your blood sugar is at a normal level, it is an indication that there is enough energy for your baby. If you skip meals during the feeding process during pregnancy, your blood sugar will drop and your baby will not be able to get the energy they need. Therefore, do not neglect your main and snack meals in summer.

Make sure to have your breakfast

One of the first and most important steps of the nutrition process during pregnancy is breakfast. Breakfast, which is critical after a long hunger at night, prevents sudden fluctuations in blood sugar during the day, while ensuring that the baby gets enough energy and the expectant mother feels fit. Do not skip breakfast and take care to consume especially eggs, cheese and greens.

Only for enough water!…

Consumption of water, which is of vital importance and helps against constipation, which is common in pregnancy, plays a much more critical role in the summer months when extreme heat prevails. Pay attention to fluid intake between 2-3 liters every day during pregnancy. Try to meet your fluid needs mostly by drinking water. In addition to water, you can consume beverages such as soup, buttermilk, unsweetened compote. But be careful when consuming water! Never drink open and unspecified waters during breaks, hotels/restaurants, etc., prefer bottled water.

Don't overdo your coffee consumption

Nutrition and Diet Specialist Eda Honca stated that one of the most common mistakes made during pregnancy is excessive coffee consumption. It shows that caffeine passes to the baby through the placenta and that the brain development of babies who are exposed to excessive amounts of caffeine in the womb is adversely affected. Coffee, cola-carbonated drinks, black tea, green tea, cocoa, chocolate and energy drinks contain high levels of caffeine. If you can't give up coffee, try to limit it to one cup a day.

Avoid these foods

To prevent reflux, which is common during pregnancy; Stay away from spices with a bitter and dominant taste that trigger reflux, tea, coffee, carbonated drinks, fried foods, high-fat meals, high-acid vegetables and fruits, bottom fish such as chocolate, cocoa, bluefish, sea bass, red mullet and tuna, and foods with additives. In addition, it is necessary to chew the food very well and eat slowly and not to drink water or any other beverage between meals.

Don't eat for two!

Nutrition and Diet Specialist Eda Honca stated that during pregnancy, a mother-to-be can eat for two, thinking that 'my baby cannot be fed enough, her development will be adversely affected', and that snacks such as cookies, pastries, sweets, crackers and biscuits can be consumed frequently in the summer. your baby's development continues in a healthy way. What you eat and drink more than necessary can do more harm than good to both your baby and you. Moreover, you may not be able to give the excess hair you will gain for a long time after the birth, "he says. Eda Honca, ideal weight gain during pregnancy; 12,5-18 kg for underweight; He says it should be between 11,5-16 kg for normal weight, 7-11,5 for overweight and 5-9 kg for overweight.

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