Turkey's Fisheries Export Champion, Bonito and Sea Bream Became

Bonito and Sea Bream Became Champion in Turkey's Fisheries Exports
Bonito and Sea Bream Became Champion in Turkey's Fisheries Exports

📩 07/07/2023 13:16

Our country, which has increased its fisheries exports 20 times in the last 25 years, has earned 2023 million 325 thousand dollars from fish exports in the first half of 706. While two-thirds of the total exports of fishery products were made to the EU, the star of the season was bonito and sea bream.

Having left the last sea season behind with a high trade volume, Turkey is increasing its share in seafood supply as the fishermen prepare for the new season that will begin after the lifting of the fishing bans. In the first half of 2023, our country increased its foreign sales by 7,74% compared to the same period of the previous year, reaching 325 million 706 thousand dollars. Almost all of this was obtained from the fish trade. Fikret Imal, Owner of Fikret Balikcilik, who stated that Turkey, which has exported to 103 countries, primarily the European region, in the previous years, will create new routes for the next period, evaluated the developments regarding the fish supply in our country.

Two-thirds of exports to the EU

Noting that Turkey's export of fish obtained through hunting and aquaculture has broken a record in recent years, Fikret İmal said, “The 2022-2023 fishing season was productive in terms of bonito fishing, followed by anchovy, horse mackerel and bluefish. In terms of production, sea bream, sea bass and trout were at the top of the list. Two thirds of exports were made to European Union countries. We are at a critical point in this trade network with our goals and activities. We are positioned as a brand that meets 1986% of our country's fish supply with our supply chain that has made us fishermen of Turkey since 90. We carry the generosity of the seas both to our restaurant and to different regions.”

“We will transport our rich seafood abroad”

Saying that they are working to provide better quality service with their special fish methods, Fikret Balıkçılık's Owner Fikret İmal said, “We gained a great momentum in the first half of 2023. We will increase this even further by expanding to new regions after our branch in Bursa. While the preparations for our new location in Istanbul Fişekhane continue, we are also carrying out our activities abroad with firm steps. Despite the demand for branches from 20 countries, we are starting branching abroad with Dubai and Kuwait in order to take a controlled step. Thus, we will announce to the world the success of our country in seafood, which is rich in all respects, by going beyond our geographical borders.”

“We will open branches in Dubai and Kuwait”

Fikret İmal concluded his words as follows: “We have left nearly 40 years behind in the adventure we started with a fishing cart. Since the day we were founded, we have been working to provide better quality service to our customers with our special fish methods. Today, we can send fish all over Turkey and to European countries. In addition to the countries in which we are proceeding in a controlled manner to open branches, we also evaluate other franchise requests. Accordingly, we are planning to open a branch in Qatar as well. As Fikret Balikcilik, which has been offering seafood to Turkey's most respected market chains, hotels and restaurants for years, we will contribute more to our country's maritime trade by expanding our field of activity.”