Torbalı's Dried Tomato Received Geographical Indication

Torbalı's Dried Tomato Received Geographical Indication
Torbalı's Dried Tomato Received Geographical Indication

📩 21/07/2023 11:37

Torbalı's Dried Tomatoes, which are shown as an example to Turkey in the agriculture-based industry, received geographical indication. Speaking at the registration ceremony, İzmir Deputy Kaya stated that the transportation investments made in recent years have been effective in increasing the attractiveness of Torbalı.

A ceremony was held for the promotion of Torbalı Dried Tomatoes produced in Torbalı and registered with the geographical indication. Ak Party İzmir Deputy Mahmut Atilla Kaya, İzmir Provincial Agriculture Director Mustafa Özen, Torbalı District Governor Ercan Öter, Torbalı Mayor Mithat Tekin, Parliament Speaker Bekir Söyler and Chamber of Commerce President Abdulvahap Olgun, as well as many institution officials and muhtars attended the ceremony, which attracted great attention from the people of Torba.

Industry, agriculture and tourism together

Speaking at the ceremony, Atilla Kaya stated that Torbalı made great contributions to İzmir in the fields of industry, agriculture and tourism.

Emphasizing the success of Torbalı in many areas, Kaya said, “Torbalı is a district that can produce both agriculture and industry together. In other words, we need to protect agriculture on the one hand, and continue to work on industry on the other. Our Chamber of Commerce is making an intense effort to increase the brand value of our district.” he said.

Drawing attention to the double road and İZBAN investment made to increase Torbalı's brand value, Kaya said, “Do not ignore the Geographical Indication Registration Certificate. Today, perhaps our fellow countrymen may not understand its meaning, but twenty years from now, our children will understand what an important job has been done.” He expressed his satisfaction with the registration of Torbalı Dried Tomatoes.

Speaking at the ceremony, İzmir Provincial Director of Agriculture Mustafa Özen said, “İzmir is the city where agriculture was born. Agricultural products produced in our 30 districts are delivered to all of Turkey, especially in Istanbul and Ankara. Agricultural production in İzmir continues without a break. He thanked Torbalı Chamber of Commerce President Abdulvahap Olgun for the registration of Torbalı Dried Tomatoes, İzmir's 37th Geographically Indicated product.

“All of Türkiye takes an example”

Torbalı Chamber of Commerce President Abdulvahap Olgun stated that they have put forth efforts for the development of Torbalı in the agriculture-based industry and stated that many provinces in Turkey have started to model the success achieved by Torbalı in the agriculture-based industry. Olgun, “Dried Tomato Model is currently; It is taken as an example in our provinces such as Kahramanmaraş, Şanlıurfa, Manisa, Malatya and Elazığ. In the period when our vegetables are abundant, we process our fresh products and make them value-added. Dried tomatoes are the best example of this effort.”

Torbalı District Governor Ercan Öter emphasized that Torbalı's agricultural products have become value-added and the importance of exporting to the world with the labor of farmers. Mayor Mithat Tekin said that they are always ready to contribute to the works that will increase the brand value of Torbalı.