Tripy Electric Bicycle Project Introduced in Sakarya

Tripy Electric Bicycle Project Introduced in Sakarya
Tripy Electric Bicycle Project Introduced in Sakarya

📩 11/07/2023 13:26

The 'Tripy Electric Bicycle' project, which will be an accessible, practical, healthy, nature-friendly transportation alternative for everyone brought to the city by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, was introduced.

The program, hosted by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem Yüce, was held on July 15 Democracy Square, in addition to President Ekrem Yüce, AK Party Provincial Chairman Yunus Tever, Tripy General Manager Kadir Akdere, CBD Board Member Özgür Çivi, district mayors, council members, NGO representatives, headmen and bicycle lovers attended.

President Ekrem Yüce, who gave information about Tripy before the opening speech, stated that there was a serious demand for rental service in 7 days, and that 70% of the participants were women. Yüce said, “As of July 3, we opened the orange bike for rent. Our ancestors showed great interest. So far, 70 percent of the renters are women. They are very interested,” he said. As of today, electric bicycles were placed at the stations in Sakarya Democracy Square in the first place and started to be rented.

Expressing that they took another innovative step in bicycles with the 'Tripy Electric Bicycle' project, Chairman Ekrem Yüce said, “The importance we attach to the bicycle, which is the number one friend of health and the environment, does not end with telling. With Tripy, as the Metropolitan Municipality, we will have activated three services at the same time for the transportation and rental of bicycles to our citizens. After TUBIS and SAKBIS, our tripy electric bikes, which we introduced today and will start seeing in our city, are a first in our city. Within the scope of this project, which we will start with 100 bicycles at the first stage, we will continue to provide services in our city with 400 bicycles very soon.”

Continuing his speech by stating that there is no other city where 3 different types of bicycles are rented, Chairman Yüce said, “We are proud of being a pioneer in Turkey again with these innovative rental methods and bringing this together with our fellow citizens. I would like to share two more good news about Tripy bikes; As the opening campaign, our compatriots will not be charged the first month's opening fee. And again, our compatriots will be able to use bicycles with a 3% discount for 25 months. I hope that our Tripy electric bicycles will be an alternative to public transportation and contribute to sustainable and clean energy, and I wish good luck to our Sakarya”.

Expressing that Sakarya has gained a serious momentum in the field of sports, President Yüce said, “As a result of our work in the field of sports, we have given our city the title of European Sports City after the title of World Cycling City as a sign of our success. In our Sunflower Cycling Valley, which is the most equipped and functional bicycle track in the world, 25 athletes from 232 countries pedaled with a bicycle wind blowing. While the world watched the races that we broadcast live from 110 countries, we held many events in addition to the races.

Stating that they do not see sports as a field that only athletes are interested in, Chairman Yüce said, “We are working hard to ensure that our fellow countrymen are also involved in sports. Our bike paths, consisting of 3 stages, will start from the Sunçiçek Bicycle Valley, pass through Çark Creek, Millet Bahçesi, Aziz Duran Park, Sakarya Park, Vagon Park, and reach Sapanca Lake, and will extend to the Kocaeli Metropolitan border. We completed 57 kilometers in the first stage. When the last two stages of our project are completed, the Anatolian Corridor drawn by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization will intersect with the bicycle paths of our city, and for the first time in Sakarya, local bicycle paths and the national bicycle network will be united. When our project is completed, our bicycle path network in our city will exceed 200 kilometers.

Tripy Electric Bicycles is an electric bike sharing platform that provides affordable, quality and free transportation in the city. Transportation, one of the most important causes of climate change, covers 27 percent of carbon emissions worldwide. Putting a stop to climate change is shared electric bicycles that revolutionize urban transportation in order to break cities healthier and more livable. It has a maximum speed of 25 kilometers and has 60 and 90 minutes of use. It consists of XNUMX% domestic software.