Groundbreaking for Archery Indoor Sports Hall in Keçiören

Groundbreaking for Archery Indoor Sports Hall in Keçiören
Groundbreaking for Archery Indoor Sports Hall in Keçiören

📩 14/07/2023 15:24

The groundbreaking ceremony of the Archery Indoor Sports Hall, which will be built on Yozgat Boulevard in the Ovacık District of the district by the Keçiören Municipality, was held.

Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok, Turkish Weightlifting Federation President Talat Ünlü, AK Party Keçiören District President Zafer Çoktan, representatives of political parties and non-governmental organizations attended the ceremony.

In his speech addressing the participants at the ceremony, President Turgut Altınok said that they managed to build an important work for the development of archery, which is the ancestral sport, and said, “The service caravan in our city continues. We are bringing another beautiful piece of work to our capital. This will be an important facility that will serve our ancestral sport, archery. We will keep our ancestral sport alive and train our archers.” said.


Explaining that they have made significant sports investments in Keçiören, Altınok continued his speech as follows:

“As an indoor gym, we are currently building 11 gymnasiums in Keçiören. Eight of them have been tendered, we will do the others. The basis of a healthy society is sports. In addition, in order to raise our children in the best way, sports are important to keep them away from bad habits. Currently, drugs are number one in the internal threat to our state. In other words, our offspring, our children, our future, our hopes, which are our future, are poisoned. Not only are they poisoned, they also have family problems. The people around him also have serious problems. It is not possible to solve drugs only with police measures. It is very important to build sports facilities and direct our children to sports. Local governments exist in all areas of this business. Instead of dealing with mosquitoes, we need to dry the swamp. One of the measures to save this swamp is to build sports facilities and encourage our children to do sports.”


Stating that sports are important for a healthy society, Altınok said, “This is a land with high rent. But we look at service, not rent. We provide opportunities for our children, who are our future. Last year's drug expenditure was 122 billion TL. In 2023, the money we will pay only as pharmaceutical expenses is 220 billion TL. This does not include hospitals. At least 300 billion TL including hospitals. If we invest 300 billion TL in sports, believe me, the number of drug users will be much less. We must prepare our children and youth for the future. We need to train archers, we need to train weightlifters… We need to turn our facilities into a sportsman's factory by cooperating with our federations in every field and in every branch. We are building these facilities to serve our nation. We would like to thank our President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and then our previous Minister of Youth and Sports, Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu, who supported us in providing these services.” he said.

After the protocol speeches, the concrete mixer was started and the foundations of the sports facility were laid.