Jaecoo 7 Starts Change in Off-Road SUV World

Jaecoo Starts Change in the Off Road SUV World
Jaecoo Starts Change in the Off Road SUV World

📩 29/07/2023 10:45

China's largest automobile exporter Chery is preparing to fill an important gap in the SUV market with the Jaecoo 2023 model of its sub-brand Jaecoo, which will be offered for sale in various markets around the world as of September 7.

With urban life accelerating, consumers' approach to off-road SUVs is evolving. Traditional SUV vehicles are struggling to meet the needs of consumers in the face of changing technology and comfort expectations. Anticipating this change, Chery is preparing to launch the first model of Jaecoo, a new Off-Road SUV brand, in various markets in September 2023. Jaecoo 7 has already started to attract the attention of consumers with its superior 4WD performance and innovative smart cabin.

Experienced teams worked in the design

With the Jaguar-Land Rover teams, with whom Chery has been collaborating for more than 10 years, and the experienced design experts in the UK and Germany, Jaecoo 7 will fill an important gap in the market thanks to its outstanding off-road performance and smart technologies. While the Jaecoo 7 embodies the classic elements of traditional Off-Road SUV vehicles in terms of exterior design, it also reveals modern, aesthetic design elements. The elegant and powerful appearance of the vehicle is blended with plain and smooth lines.


ARDIS developed for off-road capability

Jaecoo 7 is preparing to demonstrate a unique performance with its new off-road technology program called ARDIS (All-Road Intelligent Driving System). Developed to easily cope with different road conditions, ARDIS provides drivers with absolute control and safety. Smart technologies stand out not only with their off-road performance, but also with their innovative cabin experience. The 14,8-inch widescreen interior offers a superior entertainment and audio-visual experience. The superior performance and seamless interactive design of the Qualcomm 8155 chip further enhance the driver's in-cab experience. W-HUD technology provides drivers with clearer access to driving information, while the transparent display provides more precise information about vehicle status and navigation, enabling intelligent control of multiple functions.


First hit the roads in Eastern Europe

Jaecoo 7, the masterpiece of the JAECOO brand, attracts customers from all over the world. Jaecoo 7, which is planned to go on sale in Eastern European markets first, will be launched in Central and South America, the Middle East, Australia and the remaining regions respectively. Jaecoo will continue to innovate to provide consumers with more surprising products and more innovative products for the Off-Road SUV market.