You Can Achieve Both A Functional And Aesthetic Nose

You Can Achieve Both A Functional And Aesthetic Nose
You Can Achieve Both A Functional And Aesthetic Nose

📩 19/07/2023 10:20

Private Gözde Kuşadası Hospital Otorhinolaryngology Specialist Op. Dr. Serkan Yılmaz said that it is possible to achieve both a functional and aesthetic nose thanks to the developing techniques.

Contrary to popular belief, Op. Dr. Yılmaz pointed out that it is important that the surgery be performed by experienced physicians.


Giving information about the surgery, Op. Dr. Serkan Yılmaz said, “First of all, the patient's face analysis should be done. It is not always correct to make the nose that the patient wants exactly. Many factors such as the position of the forehead, chin and mouth, skin thickness, and face shape are decisive in rhinoplasty. Before the surgery, photographs are taken from all angles and the most functional nose suitable for the face shape is determined together with the patient. The operation takes 2 – 2,5 hours. With the developing technology, the surgery is performed with a tool that we call Piezo, which cuts the bone with sound waves. In this way, pain, swelling, bruising and edema experienced after surgery are reduced. The recovery time of the patient is also shortened.


Stating that rhinoplasty is a simpler and non-life-threatening surgical intervention compared to most surgeries, Op. Dr. Serkan Yılmaz continued as follows: “Nose plastic surgery gives successful results with experienced physicians. The patient is usually discharged after 1 day in the hospital. Bruising and swelling occur in the first 3 days. Perforated silicone pads are placed on the patient's nose. It is possible to enter the sea and pool after 3 weeks. During this period, the patient should not stay in the sun for a long time and should not use glasses. Depending on the thickness and thinness of the skin, the healing process may also vary. Edema decreases by 6% in the first 80 months. It takes about a year for the nose to take its final shape.