Has Natural Gas Increased by 224 Percent? EMRA Announced

EMRA Announced Is There a Percent Increase in Natural Gas?
EMRA Announced a 224 Percent Increase in Natural Gas

📩 17/07/2023 11:00

It has been reported by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) that the news of a 224 percent increase in natural gas tariffs is unfounded.

In the written statement made by the institution, it was reported that the Special Consumption Tax (SCT) rate, which was increased to 0,0747 lira per standard cubic meter of natural gas, means an increase of approximately 6 cents in the cubic meter price with the effect of VAT.

The following statements were made in the statement: “Within the scope of the special consumption tax update on some consumption goods made by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, the SCT rate for natural gas increased from 0,023 lira per standard cubic meter to 0,0747 lira. This, together with the VAT effect, means an increase of approximately 6 cents in the cubic meter price. While the tax burden on natural gas bills is 36 percent on average in Europe, this rate is 18 percent in Turkey, including VAT and SCT. Despite this very obvious situation, claiming that our citizens' final bills have been increased by 224 percent is a malicious perception operation and should not be respected.”