Chery Omoda Exported Over 2023 in First 6 Months of 70

Chery Omoda EV's Malaysia Launch Held
Chery Omoda Exported Over 2023 in First 6 Months of 70

Chery's global brand Omoda, when the export figure of 2023 thousand 14 units in June 47 is added, reached a total export result of 2023 thousand 70 units between January and June 821. The success in the first 6 months' results is an indication that the brand is approaching its annual sales target of 200 units in non-Chinese markets. The newest launches of Omoda, which was sold in 10 different markets, were held in Australia and Malaysia.

Positioned as a global brand by Chery, Omoda has gained recognition and popularity among consumers around the world with its futuristic and stylish design, technologically advanced product features, 5-star safety standards from Euro NCAP and a personal experience approach that meets the expectations of new generation car users. . Reaching 2023 units in the first 6-month export figures of 70, Omoda was delivered to markets outside of China with 821 units only in June.

Having entered 10 different markets all over the world, Omoda gradually implemented a strategic global market layout. The brand launched a series of brand and product actions in Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia in late June and early July. Omoda's first batch of vehicles has officially entered Spain and has taken an important first step towards entering the EU market.

In Australia, Omoda sponsored the famous Gold Coast Marathon. Thus, Omoda stood out among the participants of the Gold Coast Marathon in Queensland in the first week of July. Omoda officially made its local market debut in Malaysia on July 6th. In this way, it expanded its presence by entering the Southeast Asian market for the second time after Indonesia.

Omoda launched in Malaysia

Entering the second half of 2023, Omoda is launching its highly anticipated and bestselling model to the Malaysian market. Omoda, a highly forward-thinking and future-oriented technological automotive model, stands for the right decision in the new energy trend. As one of these right decisions, the new energy vehicle model Omoda 5 EV is planned to be launched on the roads. The new model, which will appear in different markets globally in the last quarter of this year, will further the development of Omoda.