Special Protection for Trees in the Construction of Buca Metro

Special Protection for Trees in the Construction of Buca Metro
Special Protection for Trees in the Construction of Buca Metro

📩 18/07/2023 11:03

Work continues on the Buca Metro, the largest rail system investment in Izmir's history. The trees in the green areas where the construction works of Hasanağa Garden, Çamlıkule and Dokuz Eylül stations will be carried out are taken under protection during the construction period. The trees that will be taken from their places with special methods will be taken into care in the nurseries of the Metropolitan Municipality. Some of the uprooted trees will be planted in green areas in the city, and some will be planted in their old places when the construction is completed.

Work on the Buca Metro line, the largest rail system investment in Izmir history, continues at full speed. In the Buca Metro, which will be built by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with its own resources and will serve with 13,5 stations on a 11 kilometer line between Üçyol-Dokuz Eylül University Tınaztepe Campus and Çamlıkule, the trees in the construction site are taken under protection so that the tunnel excavations can start and the stations can be built.

Will be transported with care

Atatürk Park and some trees in the vicinity of Hasanağa Bahçesi Station, where work will begin in the coming days, and the trees in the green areas where Mehmet Erenler Park and Dokuz Eylül University Station will be built in the Çamlıkule Station area will be removed using special techniques and equipment. The transported trees will be looked after in the nurseries of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Some of the trees will be used in green areas throughout the city, and the other part will be planted in their former places when the construction is completed. In addition to these trees, new saplings will be planted in the station area and more green space will be created.

It will be greener than before

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Rail System Branch Manager Mustafa Kapçı said, “Before starting the construction works, our trees in Atatürk Park will be taken under protection by taking care of them in the nurseries of our Park and Gardens Department with special techniques and equipment in the area where the station will be located. Then, when the works are finished, these trees will be planted again and our park will be green. It is very difficult to create a workspace in such large projects. In line with the environmentalist vision of our President, we will present this area, which we have already purchased as a park, to our people as greener and more useful than before when the works are completed.”

Close location was determined to be the same ecosystem

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Parks and Gardens Department Planning Project Branch Manager Volkan Barbaros said, “As the Park and Gardens Department, we are working in-depth on this issue. We have great experience with this subject. Especially after the trees here are moved, they will come to our afforestation area that we have determined in the nearby region. It will be transplanted into the planting pits we have determined according to the type, type and age of the tree. Another reason for choosing a close location is that the uprooted tree encounters the same ecosystem and accelerates the adaptation process. It is also important that the planting mortar of the tree is good and suitable. It speeds up the adaptation process. Necessary maintenance works are carried out to restore the trees to their old form. At the end of this process, it can be transported back to the point where it was dismantled.”

“Peace be to our residents”

Atatürk Neighborhood Headman Sedat Erşahin also stated that he wished the metro station to be beneficial to Atatürk district and said, “Our President Tunç SoyerThank you very much. May our residents be at peace. This park will be the metro station construction site. Our trees will be uprooted and taken under protection. After the metro is finished, our park will become more beautiful, the trees will be planted again. Our residents should not have any doubts, be sure that Tunç Soyer very sensitive about it. He is very sensitive to green, nature and trees. Buca traffic is very difficult, the metro will relieve the traffic. My neighborhood is the student district. This station is a benevolent investment for them.”

The number of daily passengers is expected to be 400 thousand.

3 tunnel boring machines (TBM) will work on the line. It is also aimed to increase the number of CPCs to four in the coming days. Buca Metro, which includes Üçyol, Zafertepe, Bozyaka, General Asım Gündüz, Şirinyer, Buca Municipality, Kasaplar Square, Hasanağa Garden, Dokuz Eylül University, Buca Koop and Çamlıkule stations, is at Üçyol Station with the existing metro line running between Fahrettin Altay-Bornova, İZBAN line will be integrated in Şirinyer. Train sets on this line will serve without drivers. Vehicle purchases worth approximately 305 million Euros will be made. Buca Metro will be completed for 765 million Euros together with the trains that will run on the line. There will be a parking lot for 240 vehicles at the Dokuz Eylül University station. When the line is put into operation, the daily number of passengers is expected to reach 400 thousand.