It is possible to get a residence permit by investing in Germany

It is possible to get a residence permit by investing in Germany

📩 03/07/2023 13:15

Stating that it is possible for people who are citizens of countries outside the European Union countries to get a residence permit by investing in Germany, Lawyer Nevin Can from Izmir said that certain criteria should be met in this regard. Stating that they, together with the partners they cooperate with in Germany, provide services for the preparation of a detailed business plan that will be accepted by German institutions, Lawyer Can gave information about what needs to be done.

Lawyer Nevin Can said, “If your business is financed and has a positive impact on the regional economy, this is a decisive criterion. The sustainability of your business idea, your work experience, the amount of capital you intend to invest, the regional impact in terms of employment and education, the contribution your business can make in the fields of innovation and research. These conditions may not be required for graduates of German higher education institutions. If you are over the age of 45, you must also provide proof that the necessary measures for retirement have been taken. The residence permit is issued for a maximum of three years and if it is proven that you are successful in self-employment and that you have secured the livelihood of your legal dependents, you will be able to obtain a settlement permit at the end of this period.


Stating that some legal requirements must also be met in order to establish a business in Germany, Lawyer Nevin Can said, “The first of these is to be 18 years old. In addition, you must not have been previously barred from practicing the profession in which you intend to start a business. Prohibition from practicing any profession is usually the result of committing a crime. Also, of course; A sufficient level of knowledge of the German language is also required.

In addition, before starting your own business, you must register your planned activity with the chamber of commerce. For some occupations, you also need to prove that you do not have a criminal record. This document can be obtained from the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor and translated as notarized in a sworn translation office.


Underlining the importance of professional qualifications and certificates, Lawyer Nevin Can gave the following information: “If you want to start your own business, you must have the necessary professional skills related to your business idea. If you have acquired your professional qualification abroad, your qualification has to be recognized. For some jobs in the construction industry, some jobs related to electrical engineering, and some skilled professions such as carpentry, optometry, it is not enough to learn the profession in question. When starting a new business, you must have a master craftsman certificate, which you can obtain by further training. Our office, especially in this field, works with its partners in Germany to provide services in the preparation of a detailed business plan that will be accepted by German institutions. If Germany does not find your business plan sustainable and beneficial to the country, it may reject your application no matter how much capital you have. It is important to get support from offices especially experienced in this field.”